New to the forum, introduce yourself



Thank you, seantum! :slight_smile:

Noted. It is nice to read that!
And thanks to the maintainer of the Cinnamon edition for doing that well!


Oberon is the MAN! You should check out the i3 edition of is. SO badass :smiley:


I know that he’s also maintaining the i3-Edition. I’m not a fan of Window-managers, however. :wink:


Hi all, just a Belgian guy who is interested in learning Linux.
I’ve had a few distros (mint, debian, fedora) but never got the hang of it - ok, time is an important factor in my case.
Never the less, I had an old laptop that was just taking up space and dust so I decided to give it a second life with Linux.
I stumbled on Manjaro and decided to give it a spin…



Hi everybody! I’ll keep this as brief as possible. I am new to Linux and the whole FOSS paradigm. After spending years as a MacOS X user (I absolutely abhor Windows) I decided to "ditch my Mac and Windows machines (I completely wiped the HDD…no going back ) andtake a chance on linux Ubuntu (Kubuntu). As a complete newbie I liked the Ubuntu distribution, but wanted to try a distribution that was more customizable and allowed me more control (although, this may not be wise for a Linux Neophyte). At any rate, I look forward to jumping into Manjaro and becoming apart of the Manjaro Community. Hopefully, I won’t exasperate you ladies and gentlemen with all of my questions.


Sounds like you’ll fit right in, welcome! :wink:


I am a software engineering student from Russia who lived all his life in Windows (it’s still on my PC, still love it) and now explores Linux’s vast hell of customization and development possibilities on a laptop in a free time.

I’ve had a rather unsuccessful experience with Debian, then switched to Arch in search of understanding Linux inner workings (and also rolling releases). Turns out, pure Arch implies a bit too much understanding for my needs: I want to customize the apps and plugins I use, not to manually rebuild drivers for my wi-fi! Googling “best linux distros” gave me “Manjaro” which is nicely “Arch-based” and even “supports AUR” and suddenly poses itself as “user-friendly”: ok, let’s try this one instead! Though I am now a traitor for one of my friends who is Arch lover :worried:

I am currently using XFCE edition with i3 window manager. May probably migrate to i3-edition at some point, but for now I like it where it is. Wanna rewrite xfce4-i3-workspaces-plugin though :3



I’ve used Linux off-and-on for over 20 years (I think SuSE Linux (4.*?) was the first that I used… Slackware based IIRC); I’ve used most of the main Distros over the years, some have survived to this day… many didn’t make it to a second release.

My main OS is/was LMDE2 MATE - I also use MX Linux and SparkyLinux… but those two, although good, are lacking something I want/need, so I keep checking back on the projects. There are a number of reasons that I’ve been using Manjaro this year, the rolling release model being the main one, another reason is security. LMDE is pretty good with updates, but it’s not as good as Manjaro/Arch… for example: Chromium is still on a 57.* version in LMDE - Manjaro/Arch is on 59.0.3071.115. Without checking, I’d bet there’s been a few vulnerabilities patched between v57 and now. OK, I know Desktop Linux isn’t targeted as often as Windows, but that doesn’t mean it can’t/won’t be at some point in the future, and IMHO, relying on “not being Windows” or Security through obscurity to keep you safe isn’t a good idea.

Anyway, I’m happy with Manjaro - it’s a more sensible (though not more educational :wink: way of installing Arch) - has some useful tools - and has an update policy (unstable->testing->stable) that works well.

There’s more to say, but I’d be bored by now if it was me reading this, so this will do as a short intro.

Oh, age-wise… I’m more than 60 - although I’m still 21 in my head :wink:



Been using Linux since the Caldera ages. Been a Distro Whore for the whole time. Main Distro’s were Slackware; Gentoo, Mandriva, and Debian. Settled on Manjaro since Debian was quite what I wanted.

I have almost totaly shut windows off–but need it for work X.X .

So far I love the community and the documentation of this distro.


i’m so new i don’t even know if i’m replying correctly - love the look of this site seems ‘too slick’ for a Linux site

but that could be my natural aversion to ‘things that function’ on this planet

anyhow I asked a noob Q here :smile:


if anyone can help me with this seemingly simple Question i’d greatly appreciate it.

My name is Kolin Evans and I am a human and i live in Australia, I am interested in ‘human music’ as heard on ‘Earth Radio’ as seen in ‘Rick and Morty.’



Hello! I’m a computer technician and enthusiast from the U.S. I started using Manjaro about a year ago off and on, but I eventually went back to it. It seems to work much better for what I need my computer to do.


Hi everyone

Thanks to the Manjaro team for this great and accessible distro.

Total noob here. Tried a few flavours of Ubuntu and didn’t like it much, then a botched Arch install, but eventually landed on Manjaro, which seems to be the Goldilocks distro for what I want Linux to do.

Very excited to be making the migration away from Windows, but a steep learning curve ahead!


Hello everyone!

I am trying both Manjaro and Linux for the first time. I’m Colombian and work as a researcher in the area of Microbiology. I tried Ubuntu for like an hour and it was a total mess. I am quite happy up to this point. I’m coming from mac OS and this transition has been liberating. I hope to be able to gasp all the major components of being a Linux user soon.


Good to see so many new faces! Thank You all for joining the forum and being part of the family :smiley:


Evening all,

I am a long time Linux user (since like 1998 if I remember correctly, Red Hat to start with), and have been on Ubuntu/Debian-based distros for the most part since around 2005.

WIth all the changes going on with Ubuntu, decided to start looking at other distros. Tried openSUSE, but not happy with it, so started looking at Arch-based distros.

Majaro looks like it has some really interesting spins, and to be honest, I don’t get that deep into Linux per se. I can work from the cli when I need to, but I also like i3 and awesome for window managers. Download both the Cinnamon and I3 spins, going to test them on my older eMachines netbook before loading up Manjaro on my main system, a Dell Precision M6700 laptop I use for both home and work. Running KDE Neon at present, but if the Cinnamon spin looks good, will pull down the x64 version.

Will try and help where I can, but will take a while to learn the Arch way of doing things.

Have a good one.


There’s plenty to read on the Arch and the Manjaro Wiki pages. Have fun using Manjaro, it is a great distro.


Dear Community,

I want so say helo.

I am from Germany and actually a .net developer with experiences in C#. Used ubuntu etc before for Eclipse etc. but never found a beautiful linux distribution like Manjaro. So I am trying Manjaro out right now, but still searching for a distirbution with apparmor support for using it with docker.



Hello Manjaro Linux World!

Feels like stepping into the light. Coming from the deep dark Wind*ws forest.
So I am a newbie. And still a dual booter. Maybe one day…

First I want to thank everyone who made this all possible. The easy install, even for me. The Marjaro user manual. This forum.
Thanks to you I can have go at Linux!
It is still running! WHOOHOO!
And I realize I ain’t seen nothing yet…

But Linux makes me happy :slight_smile: Manjaro makes me happy :slight_smile:

Hoping to find knowledge and some fun!

Greetings from the Dutchlands of Holland in the Netherlands.


Hey there, incoming Newbie , im from Miami FL US, been using linux for about three years now, two months ago i took the last Windows installation left at my house, and i have never looked back. I am glad ot be part now of this community and to share here with you all, LiNUx is a way of life.

See yall round.


Mino, Linux can and will overwhelm you at first but keep with it, you will realize the world we have been missing on ( i include myself). I currently run Manjaro-deepin and i honestly believe its one of the greates most beautiful distros out there on one side you get the rock solid support and stability of Arch and on the other you get a very unique and polished user interface with deepin , its like the perfect combo. Specially comming from MAC, i could see how you appreciate manjaro-deepin.

Buena suerte y espero verte por aqui a menudo.