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I’ve been a Linux user since… Oh maybe 2007-2008. WinXP was still being dual booted for the times I cared enough about games and I think Win7 came along around 2009. Linux installs had sort of become easy enough that work could be done w/out having to spend much time on forums where people got kicked around if they asked questions which weren’t smart enough for the regular users…
Most of my early Linux time, was spent using Ubuntu because that setup provided the least hardware issues. Because there’s nothing like trying to show how cool Linux is on a really nice laptop to family and friends, and that really nice OS falling flat. And then Unity came along and changed the resource needs of everything… :wink:

Last few years I was distro hopping because after a few hours or days, these new promising distros showed flaky behaviour. Even the pillars of Linux didn’t hold up to my needs - realistic compatibility in documents, image editing, audio playing of files with more than clapped out codecs; and anything installed more than about six month of use was slower than a fragmented WinXP box or a worn-out DOS 2.1 floppy.
When Canonical moved to Unity and it’s collection of faults I moved to Mint. LinuxMint should have stayed with Debian, but that’s just me. I use Mint on a desktop because I’m familiar with it and it rarely crashes. There’s a nice lack of having to reinstall a ‘LTS’ install every 6 months, but needing PPAs to keep the apps can be tiresome because the versions get outdated.

My first encounters with Manjaro weren’t favourable at all. On the same cloned VM, and where other distros worked flawlessly, crashes and messy inconsistent UI designs relegated Manjaro to the role of “virtual machine plaything” or were just removed. Installs would fail even though the installer claimed to be OK. I think 16.something was the first one I actually trusted as more than a test box. Surprisingly, it lasted a few days. When 16.10 came along, it improved even more. I think the original install has actually remained on a year. Something of a record (and with the Mint 17.1) are the first Linux installs I’ve had on for more than a year w/out having them self implode over some stupid “unknown” bug that had been around for years.

I love the performance and potential of Linux, but understand the lack of interest in the general populous when most people depend on the OOTB experience of hardware devices. I know thew above doesn’t shower Linux with praise, but I wanted a bit of honesty and not be one of the “Linux never fails, ever!” people. Manjaro has had minor quirks but nothing serious. Its connection to Arch also why I value it. While it’s not Arch, there’s enough similarities that it is possible to glance at the wiki and usually find issues - even for other unrelated distros.
This ready access to info is something which is not practical for Ubuntu. Too much of their stuff is outdated and or wrong.

OK. I think that’s my TL:DR take on how I got here.



Indonesian here. I’ve been using Linux for almost 2 years now.

Mainly I use Ubuntu in my Laptop and PC, but upgrading it from one point to another is quite a pain. Seeing Manjaro as an Arch-based, I’m going to give it a try. :smiley: Since it has rolling release system, I won’t worry about upgrading no more.

This community looks awesome. I hope this will become my home.


Hello, Serbian here and I’m glad to have found you. Your distro is amazing, first distro ever to recognize my entire hardware. Now, that is saying something. Still have Windows installed, but will surely go with Manjaro if (better said when) it gives up on me. I’ve been using Debian and Debian based distros on my older PC, but this is the first time I feel at home with a Linux distro based on Arch on my new laptop.

You are great, keep up the good work!


Hi all,

I am from Indonesisa and this is first time trying Manjaro. Before that my daily activity using Ubuntu distro.
Some friends give me recomendation to Manjaro.


Selamat datang di forum ini. Aku orang Belanda, sekarang tinggal di Indonesia. Ada hari hari libur.


Hi DeMus, senang berkenalan dengan anda. What do you mean with “ada hari hari libur”? :slightly_smiling_face:


I was afraid already I wrote that the wrong way. My wife and I are on holiday in Indonesia, where my wife originally comes from.
We’re visiting her family.


Oh I see, welcome to Indonesia and happy holidays DeMus! :blush:


I think DeMus means ‘liburan’: he’s on holiday in Indonesia now.
ps: hope he don’t translate ‘shame’ in Indonesian. :rofl:


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: No comment for this


Howdy folks.

Tried Manjaro a few years ago but didn’t warm to it. Just installed the OpenRC XFCE and I think it’s great and may well become my daily driver…


welcome stay
it can become your daily river just give it some time…:grin:


Hi all, and greetings from Croatia

Using linux over a year now , mostly on Debian, some time on Ubuntu and Mint

now I decide to try Manjaro, and this is the best distibution I ever try, by far

very good job, keep it that way !!!


Greetings and salutations to all of you!

I began my Linux journey with Ubuntu sometime ago but I didn’t feel comfortable with it so I returned to Windows. Honestly, I didn’t know much about Linux and all its flavors back then. Nowadays, I am using Manjaro (~ 3 months) and I feel at home so to speak. I’ve tried other distributions as well but I always come back to Manjaro.

Kudos to the Manjaro team and the community! Keep the good work!!


Generally, This Is the Simplest Deep Distribution of Linux. Also for Your Professional Developer forum i seen ever. Nice :1st_place_medal:


Greetings Everyone.

I’m from everywhere. I have been to a few countries and I have lived in 36 of the 50 states of the USA. My first linux taste was Fedora 7, back in 7-8th grade. Ever since I’ve delved into linux more and more when I couldn’t trust Windows as my main OS. Sadly, I need Windows for the one application I can’t get running on linux. But that’s for language learning so it’s fine on my laptop.

I was attracted to Manjaro because of the more “new user friendliness.” I used Debian not long ago, and while operable the “elitist atmosphere” really made finding information for newbies hard.

I don’t know many things about the console. But, I’m already learning more with Manjaro than I have any distro I have used before. I even learned how to diagnose and fix my pulseaudio problems. Lol. Great start!

Looking forward to being a part of the forums.
Sayounara! ( ^^)/


Hello, I live in Britain. I first installed Linux in 1999, trying out Red Hat, Mandrake, and Ultimate on my first PC. I had to install using all text commands such as FDISK and LILO. I soon found out that my modem wasn’t compatible with Linux, though. Later on, I installed Mandrake on another PC with an external modem. I always used dual boot systems. Eventually, this broke down and I had to have it fixed. Later still, I got my first laptop with Windows XP Media Center Edition. I meant to install LInux on it, but most of my hard drive was soon taken up with stuff I’d recorded from TV, so I didn’t. I didn’t use Llinux on that laptop until the system became unbootable just from playing a DVD I recorded off TV in the lowest qualifty possible. I had to use Puppy Linux to back up my data. I didn’t have my own Internet connection at the time, so then I needed to find a Linux distro that worked with my USB modem. It just so happened that I found Ubuntu and managed to get my USB modem working with that. I continued to use Ubuntu for a few years, but I got annoyed that upgrading to the latest release often caused the system to break, then I had to select advanced options, repair, etc, just to get it to boot up. Once I couldn’t boot it up at all for a few weeks! This and personal recommendations led me to install Linux Mint instead. Unfortunately, the Linux Mint policy is not to upgrade at all, just back up all your data, then install a later version, or even stick with the version you’ve got. I like the idea of Manjaro Linux, because Linux isn’t supposed to be controlled or dominated by any one group. In recent years, Debian distros such as Ubuntu and Mint or even just Ubuntu based distros have been dominating the Linux scene. I’m glad that Manjaro isn’t Debian based for this reason. It’s based on Arch Linux. I didn’t know if I could even install Arch LInux, so I chose Manjaro because of its installer, as well as it being listed recently as the third most popular Linux distro on . I plan to try and modify Manjaro or Arch to create my own distro.


Hi togehter,

I live in Germany and started with Linux in 2002. Since then I have worked on RedHat, SuSE, Mandrake, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo systems. Recently, I built up a new system and switched from Gentoo to Manjaro. The reason: I spent too much time configuring my system :wink: and searched for a cutting edge distribution for the new hardware. Manjaro was very easy to install compared to what I saw in the last 15 years and is - together with Arch - well documented. I’m impressed.


Greetings from Siberia (which is in Russia) to everyone reading the post,

Warning: I am far from being a power user. Having an experience of using computers primarily with MS systems (starting with MS DOS and Win 3) for 20+ years, I first got acquainted with Linux in 2010. It was Ubuntu 10.04 back then. I really liked what I got to know on how Linux operated.

For some unknown reason I had not dared trying any distro in my own machine until finally getting fed up with MS systems 2 years ago. I made a mistake hurrying up to try having a look at their new product (Win 10 then). After absolutely disliking it I chose (within a week) to downgrade back to 7, and the procedure which was supposed to be executed by MS tool flawlessly had the output which left my device with some kind of Win wrecks. It was the time for me to say “good bye” to their systems.

I have not suffered from distro hopping. I only tried to briefly see what several distros I read about would be like (Ubuntu LTS, OpenSUSE Leap, Puppy Linux for an ancient piece of hardware). Up to now, I have been constantly using two generations of Linux Mint on my main machine for about 2 years. Everything is absolutely fine with it. It never brought any troubles. Even though it has much from Ubuntu, it is incomparably more convenient in terms of both the UI and the way they handle certain aspects with Mint-specific tools.

Finally, last weekend, it was Manjaro’s turn. I tried it out. Manjaro, unlike other new distros, made me stop by longer and decide trying it as a second OS (Manjaro with Xfce) in my old computer which I happen to use seldom enough. I have decided to give Manjaro a try in my main machine dual-booting it alongside Mint. I have chosen Cinnamon. Even though it is a community release, I believe it will run well enough. Am I right to suppose so? :slight_smile: I do like Xfce also. But Cinnamon looks and feels better personally to me. My computer can handle it well regardless how many effects are enabled. I have not tried the GNOME edition. I suppose it would not be as handy as Cinnamon which has been current GNOME’s fork. Talking about KDE, it was too late when I decided to finally give it a try. It was the time Plasma 4 was about to get abandoned. I somehow liked it. But with the current Plasma 5, KDE has unfortunately become something that I cannot tolerate using as a desktop I see everytime I turn on my computer.

What I already like about Manjaro is its repositories full of really recent packages which, on the other hand, are promised to be tested and stable enough. It is a very good combination. What else has been noticed is that Manjaro seems to handle package installation quicker than Ubuntu-based distros. I like something particular in Manjaro’s theming. I like its Pamac.

Next, I will need to set up everything in Manjaro according to my needs and see how to deal with boot loaders. Having dual-boot with Mint seems to bring some possible issues, as these two distros’ boot procedures work differently, and having Mint’s GRUB updated can make Manjaro’s entry in it unbootable. But it is another topic.

I would like to sincerely thank all the people involved into this nice distro’s development and all its contributors!
I hope it will go on being a pleasure to be Manjaro’s user.
The community and the forum leaves good impression as well!


Concerning Manjaro Cinnamon: I can really recommend it. It is a really good edition, probably one of the best community editions of Manjaro. The maintainer oberon really puts a lot of effort into it. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Manjaro and the forum, btw! :slight_smile: