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Hey guys. Just registered. I’ve been burning a few DVD of manjaro KDE to DeepIn and finally got cinnamon. I could not for the life of me get 17.0.1 to boot or load properly withou the screen going black with a still cursor.

Finally, I found a recent thread that has a 17.0.2 version of manjaro cinnamon that booted without an issue. It also installed without an issue. The only thing I had to do was perform a hardware detection under preferences and install the AMD open source driver now it’s no longer in software rendering mode.

Running this on an old PC i7-920 AMD Radeon HD 7870XT. 12GB Memory. MB: Asus P6T Deluxe V2…just in case you guys needed any information. Keep up the good work.

I also run a dual boot with Windows 10 Pro as well. I hadn’t yet mentioned that.

Happy now I got my cinnamon back. See ya guys in irc and the forums.

GamerWithGlasses (GWG)


Awesome to see all the new faces posting here. Welcome to the forum and make sure to have fun :wink:


@anon88911211 You should start another post where you can update us about new wallpapers. great wallpapers!


Howdy Community,

i am still new to all that Linux stuff. After being annoyed with Windows, i tryed out Linux. And now i can say i get more and more happy with this desision. And just by the way: Still using Windows, but only offline. And since that, i have no more issues with that OS. But using it online is just horror to me.

So i tried out Ubuntu and Lubuntu and was quite satisfied with Lubuntu. But i thought there is something more, even if i couldn’t name it in particular. But as i discovered manjaro with the deepin Shell, i was falshed. this is the Distro i was allways thinking about. A Linux-thing, but kinde of very close Windows-style and some Mac-things. I thought “WOW”, this is it, my missing thing i was after. But as a child of Arch i still was sceptical, because Arch is not really for beginners. After more Videos on Youtube i was convinced - just try it.

At the first installation i had some really hard difficulties to jump over - the Bios on my Mini-Pc. After fixing that, the installation worked quite well. But still am uncertain if i am doing well with this Distro. Just use it now for some days and don’t know how often updates will be offered. After i read here in the forum, that pacman could be broken by update, i am not sure if it may be the case with my OS. So i will watch this a while.

I guess i am going to create a special Wallpaper and share it here with you. So this might be a little thank you for the forum members and developers.


Just stick with Manjaro. There may be the occasional glitch in updates, but that can happen with Apple and MS products too.


Hi, i’m an italian 42 years old. I’m new to Manjaro, but not about Gnu/Linux 's world. I’m here to learn about Manjaro, improve my poor english (correct my, please:) and know some people around the world.



Hi. Im new to Manjaro. I previously used other distros and would want to move to ARCH and Manjaro seems to be a better choice for beginners and the like. Having the option of not needing an internet connection when installing is really a PLUS. But im new to linux and not familiar with troubleshooting stuff. hope to have helping hands here when im having issues.


“correct me please” (self)
"correct my English please" (possession)

:wink: :thumbsup: I am happy to oblige :thumbsup: :wink:

E benvenuto.


grazie!!! hemmm, thank you :wink:


Hey all, I’m a software developer from NYC, have always used OSX, bought my first PC since the family desktop in the 90s and am finally experimenting with Linux (besides random prod environment hacking at work when absolutely necessary, shhhh)! Loving the tinkering so far, though I’m beyond brand new.

Looking forward to joining what looks to be an excellent community!


Hello, everyone,
I am new to Manjaro, and not very experienced in Linux OS-es in general, but I’ve heard nice things about this one, and about the community, so I decided to give it a shot. Been using windows OS since I owned a PC, and in the last couple of months decided to try out something new, and I don’t think I’m going back :slight_smile:
I hope to have a nice time on the forums and using the OS, help out if I can in any way and see what happens.



Welcome to Linux! :grinning:

It’s always really exciting to hear about someone taking the plunge from Windows and into Linux.


Welcome to Manjaro and Kudos for taking the plunge!
My personal exprience is that trying Linux was one of the best decisions of my life


Hi gohlip, actually I’m both - a kungfu movie fan since the early days (Shaw Brothers!), became a follower of taoist philosophy in later years. And yes, all this combines nicely with being a tech buff.


That’s cool though I have to admit I’m neither. It is also interesting that some ‘Eastern’ people are drawn to ‘Western’ culture while some ‘Western’ people are taken up with ‘Eastern mysticism’. I guess that’s good in a way that makes us cognizant of other points of view without being judgmental.



Hi everyone. I’m new to Manjaro. I am a long time Windows user, unhappy with the direction MS is taking (forced updates, telemetry etc). So, I decided it was time to learn to use Linux. Most people suggested Mint for beginners, but after trying it and several Manjaro desktops, I opted for Manjaro. And so far I love it.

I still use Win 8.1, because I have a number of programs I can’t let go of. The main one being FL Studio, which I use to write and produce music. I have heard that it runs well in wine, but I’ve also read that installing wine opens up security holes. So, until I know what I am doing, I will continue to dual boot… though, I must say, I’m spending a lot more time in Manjaro, than Windows at the moment.

That’s about it… apart from warning you that I will be asking lots of total noob questions, so be prepared :innocent:

Here’s a link to one of my music pages, if ayone is interested:


Welcome WhiskeyPriest, I hope that you find a Linux alternative to your M$ shackles. Many good heads here to help. Like your music too, There is a What are you listening to thread. … and the should be interesting should you choose to post.
Again Welcome and
happy trails…


Thanks for the nice welcome. And thanks for the compliment :slight_smile: I do know of a few Linux music programs. I’m just not suret I will be able to find one quite like FL Studio. But that’s ok. I do have two PCs (one for internet and one for music). I use my internet machine to test things out, so I can try a few Linux programs and also try running wine. At the moment, I’m just trying not to break anything. I shall post in the username thread. Cheers :slight_smile:


Quite a while back my geek boss exposed me to DOS & Win3.1 & the disease grew. I later tried some distros & enjoyed Mepis for a while, but backslid to Windows after not having time to devote to Linux. Now I am retired & trying Linux again. After some research I started back with a brief stop in Mint, a little longer on PCLinux which was
ok but not as satisfying as expected. Manjaro was highly recommended in my search, but had doubts I knew enough to use it. About 4 months ago I installed it w/o a problem & with close reading of forums & wikis have managed to keep it updated & running. In the forums I really appreciate the positive and encouraging attitude reflected by
the developers, the other experts & long time users.


Hello. I am Linux user since 2007 summer, so now about 10 years. I have tried various distributions, including Gentoo and Debian. Now installed Manjaro, because wanted to have more latest versions of software and safe computer from high usage due to compilations. I have choosen 64 bit Gnome version of Manjaro.
I write this, because want to say thanks for Manjaro developers. Everything are and works what is needed. Main software I use is firefox browser, adobe flash plugin (for internet radio stations players), vlc, libreoffice.