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Don’t worry. I don’t say this won’t happen, it can always happen, also here on Manjaro, but in the half year I have been using it it never happened. It is remarkably stable for a rolling release. The update system is great, packages are tested before they are released, plus they come from ArchLinux where they are tested as well. Just do the normal updates which will be presented and you will have a rock solid distro.
If not, there are many people here who know the system inside and out and who will help get you on your feet again.


Great story @rasmus91.
A few tips I could give you:

  1. Read the announcements posts when updates are available to see if other users are having a problem
  2. Try to always update with via terminal
  3. run the following commands every once in a while to minimise breakages.
sudo pacman-mirrors -g

Followed by

sudo pacman -Syyu


Anyway, we’re all here to help, so feel free to post on this forum when you’re experiencing problems. This community is truly special.


I’ve been a Linux user and Debian/Ubuntu community contributer for seven years.This is my first experience with an Arch based distro and it was the Deepin desktop and curiosity about Manjaro rolling release platform that brought me here. I’m sure if I have questions or problems help will be found here! :slight_smile:


Hi there.
I’m Nicola from Italy, near Milan. I’m 20yo and I’m an university student. I’ve been interested at Linux world for five years, and this is the second time that i try an Arch/Arch distro. The first was Arch but it didn’t go so well.
I love doing new experience but although i understand english very well i don’t speak well too, so it’s difficult for me to express my question.


Hi everyone, I’m a noob on the forum but Manjaro has worked pretty well for me for the past year and a half.


There are a few categories. You can post anything in the off-topic category :wink:
When it comes to problems you’re experiencing with Linux, try to find a category that suits your needs with regards to where you think you would find an answer to your question.

I hope this helps?


Hi there,

was dualbooting win/linux mint for some time. When mint grew a little dull and stale on me, i discovered manjaro. I was lured in with the cinnamon edition (great work, by the way), changed to xfce and later to kde, which is just right for me. Never looked back, can’t even imagine life without pacman and yaourt anymore; never encountered problems with updates in the past 6 months. Happy little user here.


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Hello fellow friends,

I’m just a newbie at the manjaro world, besides been a linux (Debian and some time unfortunately a Ubuntu user…i know). It’s been a bliss been using an arch based linux so far (thanks development team - great work!!!). I only reported some small issues, minor bugs, not really big problems just some hindrance with KDE and ati-catalyst driver (I know nonfree drivers are a pain the ass…), XFCE so far so beautiful .

By the way loving been able to use two packages managers, especially when they compile the packages for me (I don’t mind way a little more for a custom compiled package).

Greetings to all from Brazil.


Fantastic movie dude. Love it!!!


Ubuntu not only looked ugly but breaks in a while and needs a lot of terminal work to fix (at least with me, happens like every week). Manjaro has a lot of packages in it’s repository (+AUR), and at the same time I can modify anything from just kernel to DE making it simple to work with and powerful if required at the same time. Updating and installing is as simple as it can be while Ubuntu store looks abandoned…
Stability could be an issue due to rolling releases, which I have yet to experience, but also gives latest stuffs. So far it’s been a good trade-off.


not a ubuntu basher it was one of the first distro i was exposed to other than sun microsystems and others and unbuntu also that was in 2005 i did the mandrivas etc i had the best results with mint and pclinoxos and i stayed with it untill i discovered manjaro and i stopped my distro hopping and realised between manjaro and sparky i could not lose but i had to pick one special shout out to pclinoxosss …yeah i cant spell any more hahahaha
the attraction was a rolling release that was stable enough and cutting edge enough …where in you dont have to wait for ever for some thing to update and then i did not want to be a tester so i could wait they are pretty good with it …


i’m mauro and i’m using manjaro from a month; i really enjoy this sistem, but i’m still a newbie.
I hope to learn lots of things on this system :grinning:


Hello guys! I’m dracaether.

I have been using Linux for 3 months already, and in that span of 3 months I have distro hopped from Ubuntu > Arch > Manjaro. I know it looks weird, like how the heck did I go from Arch to Manjaro?

So, what’s up? Ahahaha hope I feel at home



I’m french, i start to use Linux in 2009, with Ubuntu. I tried Mint, Debian, and today Manjaro KDE. :slight_smile:

I look to become full stack developer. I already know PHP, a bit of shell and C.
Now, i’m learning Python : and i search how to create a new network app. :yum:


Gorgeous wallpapers :slight_smile:


Hi i’m sidy , i have been trying most of the top distros and have found the one i like plus plenty of help for a newby like me.


howdy Manjaro Forum users :slight_smile:

i’m an Indonesian, living in Jakarta, and i assist the Directors of English and Computer Divisions of Lembaga Pendidikan Indonesia - Amerika (LPIA) in establishing the learning essentials: the curriculum, the books, the course programs, etc.

i started using Manjaro as my last installation of Ubuntu seems pretty heavy for my laptop’s hardware. i didn’t check it thoroughly, but Manjaro was in the big 5 of Distrowatch’s list. so, i thought i should give it a try. and i LOVE it!

i’ve been using Linux through Ubuntu’s Feisty Fawn version back in 2007 besides Windows and Mac as LPIA teaches English and computers to Indonesians. everytime i give workshops, trainings, lessons, or discussions to new junior teachers, new employees, or students, the linux background is the first thing they see. yes. LPIA always introduce linux everytime we teach computers and English. we always urge our students to migrate to Linux. now … it’s Manjaro’s time. let’s see if i can shift LPIA Ubuntu Linux learning programs to Manjaro. :slight_smile:

keep up the good work, Manjaro Team :smile::thumbsup:


I am from Greece. I have been using Linux since 2007 maybe?
I have tried lots of distros but manjaro is the best so far. It is fast, stable and updated. It it has a awesome community.
Nice to be here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the best linux distro and forum of the world!
Καλώς ήρθες πατριώτη, υπάρχουν αρκετοί Έλληνες εδώ μέσα. :slight_smile: