New to the forum, introduce yourself



Good morning everybody!

(Well it’s morning here in the Outer Hebrides anyway :smiley: )

I’m Larry and Im a long time Asus eee user. I was just about ready to consign my 901 & 1000 to the big box in the loft when I discovered Manjaro!


After years and years of tweaking and fiddling with Debian, Ub$$$u and Mint, Manjaro just works and really steams along!

Hell, I might even have to learn Arch!
Oh, they don’t support 32 bit anymore do they…
Manjaro it is then!


Thanks guys, you’ve made me & my mate (who runs his business on an Eee 1000H!) very happy! :smiley:


Because Arch is upstream of us the current plan is that 32-bit support will be dropped for Manjaro as well towards the end of this year.


I am not just new to linux I am new to computers, I have never used or owned a computer in my life, my Son built me this computer 3 weeks ago and installed Manjaro Gnome Stable, Manjaro Cinnamon Stable and Manjaro KDE Stable, as Manjaro is the only OS that will install the propriety drivers for my computer during the installation process and is user friendly with a very good forum, and I must say Manjaro Gnome is wonderful, he has set it up so I can log in with a virtual keyboard with my mouse, installed florence virtual keyboard on my desktop so I can type with my mouse also installed various extensions to make Gnome more usable, sorry I forgot to mention I am a Quadriplegic with very limited use of my right arm I can only use a mouse, I have been enjoying myself with Manjaro Gnome as it has opened up a complete new world to me and is wonderful, hopefully Manjaro Cinnamon and Manjaro KDE will introduce a virtual keyboard that can be used on the log in screen soon as without this feature I can not use them, the universal access for the disabled really needs improving on all Manjaro’s DE’s, in fact from what I have read in linux in general. Thank you Manjaro team for such a fine distribution.


Hello All,

I have just signed up.

I have been running Manjaro Gnome for a year or 2 now. Love it as a system. So much better than putting up with Windows or Apple rubbish.



Hi and welcome Clarky
The project may interest you. It is based on Arch/Manjaro and focuses on adaptive tech.

Enjoy your new build.


Thank you Martin, will try it out now.


Awwwwww… :frowning:

Better make the most of it while I can then :slight_smile:


I’m not exactly new to Manjaro, but I’m certainly new to the new forum, and I’ve been gone for 3 years now so I think another hello is certainly in order. :slight_smile:

I’m a former developer for Manjaro from back around 2012-2014. I was involved in quite a few things, namely Turbulence, packaging, some artwork, a community release, and some other stuff throughout the years.

I took a sabatical to take care of some stuff in my life, and Linux got put on a backburner for quite a while. I decided rather recently though it was high time to get back into the swing of things though and fill that hole in my life.

It’s really good to be back though! I hope I can find some new places to contribute, and get back into the community. :smile:


Hi I am zulfadli. I live in Pelalawan Riau Indonesia. So far I have not found a linux user in my neighborhood. I hope I can learn a lot of knowledge about linux ( Manjaro) from this forum.
Previously I used ubuntu and its derivatives since 2007. And lately I dare to get out of the comfort zone (Ubuntu and its derivatives)


I found my fellow Indonesian!!


Nice to meet you…:blush: Have you not found a member from Indonesia besides me? :thinking:
I think they are gathered on Facebook group Manjaro Linux


Oh, I almost forgot to introduced myself, even though I stayed here on this forum for couple of months. It’ll be rude of me if I don’t…

Hi! I’m from Indonesia and I’m one of the Manjaro biggest fans. I switched to Manjaro because I was a bit bored with Ubuntu Mate, but stayed here because of this great community!

Please treat me well, everyone!!


Yup, I found 3 that I could find

Is it? May I know what’s the group name?


Try searching “Komunitas Manjaro Linux Indonesia” .


Hi everyone and thanks very much to the Manjaro Team for this great distro and community.

I’m spanish, but I can manage with english as well.

Using Manjaro XFCE since version 0.86 and feeling as I’ve taken the right path.

Hope to keep on learning and having fun! :smiley:


Hey, I remember you and I was especially appreciative of your Turbulence utility. It made stocking OpenBox a pure joy! Welcome back, @joshua! :smiley:



Welcome back @joshua!


Hi Manjaro Community !

I discovered the distro beginning of 2017 when I was looking for the perfect one to permanently swith from Windows for personnal use (though I’ve already worked on a lot of Linux systems before).
And since that, my system works flawlessly, I run the stable branch, KDE edition.

After a few months I’m so glad to use the distro that it feels normal to register here, at least to vote when I update my laptop.

By the way, I’m from France.
A bientôt !


Thanks, it’s good to be back! I’m so glad to hear you liked Turbulence, I was pretty bummed to hear it got depreciated. Not many of us grey beards around that remember that program anymore. :laughing:

But who knows, perhaps there’s something similar, but better, cooking on my back burner… Time will tell. :smirk:

Thanks! :slight_smile:



I’ve been using Linux for the past 10 years come October (I feel really odd about that, because there’s still 10 billion things to learn…) Anyhow, so far it’s been Ubuntu or it’s derivatives, and usually just the standard issue. I’ve never liked the idea of a rolling release platform, because of how hard I have sometimes fought to get something working, then have it broken half a year later by an update, and imagining this would happen at a much more rapid pace with something like Arch/Manjaro

Anyhow. Due to canonicals recent announcement, I have a sour taste in my mouth when I use Ubuntu, i really liked Unity (which I am guessing is not a popular thing to say here) and i really do not like Gnome 3. But I’ve been using elementary for a while now, and even with it’s appeal, it is very… Locked down for a Linux system and the UI can’t be manipulated much. Disliking that, i once again downloaded Manjaro KDE to try it out, and though I’ve always recented KDE (though it’s quite pretty) I found that I might actually like it better than I do pantheon. So there.

And then there are all the claims of Manjaro being very stable despite it being rolling release (i was looking to run OpenSUSE tumbleweed, but I couldn’t start the livedisc due to my computer having an nvidia GPU, so it is kind of a no go)

I’m going to give Manjaro a go, and I do hope to be pleasantly surprised. I’m going to be installing it on an ASUS UX32VD with a core i7-3770u (or something cpu) and 10 GB’s of RAM. I look forward to seeing what it has to offer and finding out whether I’ll be staying away from Ubuntu for now.

Looking forward to talking to you guys, and whining for advice every now and then :wink: