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So what are your thoughts about Card Games on Motorcycles? :smiley:


A catchy quote from Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series


Tidak, ini cucu sulung saya. Minggu ini yang kedua akan terlahir, kami harap. Mereka bukan cucu-cucu saya yang sebenarnya, mereka adalah anak-anak perempuan sepupu istri saya. Kami membantu gadis-gadis ini untuk pergi ke sekolah dan mereka memanggil kami ibu dan ayah. Jadi, mereka adalah “anak perempuan” dan anak dia cucu kita.


Takniah dahulu, ya. Saya ada melawat Maastrich dan Ultrech lebih 30 tahun dulu. Disana 2 minggu. Ada berdapat jumpa (di gerai bukan kantor) orang orang dari Ambon juga.


Hello everyone, I’m a Computer Science student from Chile and have been using linux on and off for a while until I changed to OSx a couple of years ago… 2 months ago I sold my macbook and bought a gaming laptop, got bored of windows so I’ll go back to linux as my main OS and give windows 300gb for gaming purposes.

I hope to be part of this nice community :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m linux fan from Poland. I’m using linux only for about 10 years. First was Mandriva>Opensuse>Ubuntu>Mint>Fedora and now I’m on Manjaro Deepin. I love look and speed of that DE and finally I understand AUR :slight_smile:



Just installed Manjaro i3 edition after struggling with Arch, xorg, fonts, dpi settings for several days.
Manjaro saved me days if not weeks. Thank you @oberon and the rest of the team!

Donation coming!



Also, +100 points for using Discourse! (And markdown) :wink:

This is the first linux-distro forum I have signed up for, b/c of Discourse.



Manjaro user from Kenya…Been using it since last year and liked it from day one!


Hi There!
Manjaro user from Brazil. Manjaro i’ts the best linux distro! Thank you very much :wink:


We initially had users quit over Discourse.

But Welcome to Manjaro! :smiley:


first one i have signed up for as well


Hello all from Mississippi (USA). I am new to Manjaro, but have been a Linux buff since the late 90’s. Started with Caldera -google it if you’re interested -and spent time with SUSE back when it was still pay for play. After years with various 'buntus, Slack, and Debian I figured out what I liked in a system. Wanted to give Arch a try, but getting too old and lazy. Manjaro looked like the way to go and so far I am very impressed with it. Just as polished aa Mint and better performance on this five year old HP laptop. Looking forward to settling in and getting to know how things work.


Welcome to old men club. :older_man: You are not alone. :grin:


Hi kids, good to find you.
After a long struggle to keep debian running and fighting I was pleasantly surprised how lxde 17.01 is running.
This is my first day without apt and synaptic, I have no clue how stable/testing/unstable are notated here, I wonder how does manj run with no swap or how to setup one (may be I missed it during the installation) and I am about to go find the answers to all my questions.

I think intuitive would be an understatement, all the stuff I use exclusively on lxde were defaults. plus many things that have not been updated for years in debian here are current… even tor is 3 weeks old which is weird security wise … qupzilla is 3 years old in debian and all efforts to manually upgrade it broke it.

It seems as I can go on with my work without fiddling with system and manjaro seems pretty solid in my short experience.



New to Manjaro.
Was using only Ubuntu based distros such as Linux Mint and Peppermint.
Installation went good and looks and feels same as Linux Mint but everything probably little ahead.

Very impressed with the performance overall.
Very good distro. Kudos to the developers.

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Hi all,

First, Manjaro developers you have done an amazing job!! Well done.

I am dumping windows7 for Manjaro. I have been very impressed with Manjaro, it runs faster than Ubuntu, or Windows7 on my computer. And with the help of the handy > Terminal-Htop looks like the OS is running at about 3/4 the ram requirements of Win7 on this computer. The Xfce interface is clean, effecive, and professional.

As a new to Linux person I would like to start doing software development, I have been programming for 18 years on Windows, and have used C# and the MS .Net IDE exclusively for about a decade now. I looked at Mono, Glade, and Builder and if someone knows of a particular IDE that works well with Manjaro for an unemployeed budget I am open to suggestions, as learning a new IDE is all the same at this point.

Also I noticed that the GTK way of programming GUI applications is very different than MS Windows. Can anyone recommend some good tutorials on building GTK GUI applications? additionally I have some graphics-apps that I was working on in Windows7 that I would like to eventually port but I would need to find additional tutorials on how to add Cario and OpenGL to GTK apps.

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Hey everyone,

Been a Linux user since 2014.
Started with Debian Wheezy than Ubuntu 14.04 / Linux Mint 17 / 18 and have been investigating the smaller Linux Distros.
I’m wanting to get away from the mainstream flagship Linux Distros so here I am.

I use old desktop computers that others discarded due to OS no longer being supported.
I upgrade them to their maximum capacity using spare parts I have collected.
I don’t have to have the newest or the greatest as old computers and their hardware can be had for little or no cost and are still very capable for my computer needs.

I’m also retired and in my sixties.



Welcome to forums! You’ve made a nice introduction of yourself!

I’d just like to point you to this topic:

You could come say hi to the community there. That way we keep the forums cleaner so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for in the long run :wink:


Welcome, I hope you have a good experience using Manjaro. :slight_smile: