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Hi friends,

I’m from Mumbai, India. I just installed manjaro, and I loved it. Everything about it is just cool. It is much better than any other distro I’ve ever tried. :slight_smile:


Hi All.

I live in Dallas, Texas USA and have used Linux since 2002. I routinely switch back and forth between Arch and Debian based distros. I have tried Manjaro a couple of times. This time I intend to stick with it for a while.


Hi All. I live in France and tests Linux distros for a long time. It’s my daily driver since 2015. I was on Linuxmint Mate/cinnamon. Manjaro is my DD since 2016.


Hi…I’ am testing Manjaro to check if its suitable for my daily use. I started Linux in Fedora and used Ubuntu and Mint as well but still I’m very much a newbie in Linux based OS.

I’m here because of the hype that I heard about Arch Linux. I managed to install Arch and a desktop for it in Virtualbox but my search for a polished distribution landed me in Manjaro. So far so good. I was on dual boot with Windows 10 when I installed this version. I am not good with UEFI so I managed to format the EFI partition and made the Windows 10 inaccessible. So I will be here for some time.

Btw I from India and I have a Raspberry Pi 2 too running on Arm Arch Linux which I am basically use nowadays to learn programming.


Hi there,

my location is Bonn, Germany. My first Linux was SUSE Linux 7.0. If I remember right booting was only possible via CD. After that there were some versions of openSUSE, then I switched to Ubuntu 10.04. So the last eight years were Ubuntu. A couple of days ago I just tried Manjaro, and, well…this is really the best.

Hello Manjaro!


welcome, you may be interested in this


hopefully you will fully boot manjaro… welcome again



I have Manjaro Deepin installed and love it so far. I have been using Debian for years and years. But with Stretch, I kinda lost interest. I have never installed or played with any type of Arch. So far so good. It installed flawlessly. Pacman is new to me. I am still trying to figure out how to install with snapshots. Definately a learning curve, but that’s what I like.

I’ll probably have questions along the way.



I’m annsmith. I’m a new member of the forum manjaro, very pleased to be acquainted and make friends to share everything in life with people. Especially learned from the forum.


Hello :slight_smile: My name is Adam. I have just installed Manjaro for the first time. I have decided to ditch Windows and I would like to learn how to use linux starting with Manjaro. Where do I start? I have no idea how to use BASH, is this a good place to start learning? Can someone point me in the right direction? Many thanks


You might try here…

and here:


Thanks @manyroads :slight_smile: I’m looking for something a little more in depth. Seems like the wiki is covering general stuff.


The wiki goes quite in depth…




Champion @LAZA, thanks heaps! On the money brother. I gots me some reading material :slight_smile: peace out


Hello All,

Name’s Dan.

I have been using windows since 3.1. My smartphones have always been android. Engineer by trade but fairly casual computer user.

Looking to learn something new, have a little fun and see what happens. Currently looking to rebuild the home PC and go full Linux. Right now I am experimenting in Ubuntu flavors and Manjaro flavors within VirtualBox and trying to push limits. Manjaro seems like the best fit for me, but I would like to explore both the deb and arch worlds to get a better grasp on Linux as a whole.

This community is incredible just to browse through and I am excited to hang out more in the future :slight_smile:

Also literally just realized the name comes from Mt. Killi. What is the story behind that? I am intrigued.


Welcome Dan :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I have been a Linux user since 2002. My field of work is in higher education in the field of humanities. I am probably the only Linux user in the college of arts and humanities. Sometimes I have to use Windows, speacilly when I need to participate in a Webex or Adobe-Connect meeting, but otherwise I use Linux all the time, primarily Emacs, LaTeX and org-mode.

I discover Manjaro via Netrunner and I am very happy.


Hi I started on Manjaro about 3 months ago when I put it on workstation at the office (a Lenovo W540) - I was hesitant at first because I had issues getting multiple monitors going on KDE-Plasma edition but once that was resolved I went full-force and any other issues were quickly fixed as well. Longtime Mint user (and Debian for servers) I’m the sysadmin at my organization. Our db guy swears by Fedora and I tried it out but it just kept breaking, so I ended up on Manjaro! I will soon be converting my work-from-home machine (Lenovo Thinkpad W530) to Manjaro soon too. Maybe I’ll wait for Illyria edition, we’ll see. Awesome project folks keep up the great work!


Welcome to Manjaro jerkgnome ! Manjaro is a rolling release and as such stays current. It will update to Illyria at the same time as the release of that version. Generally just before actually. :wink:

Happy trails…