New to the forum, introduce yourself

Hi there! I started Linux when I began using Raspberry Pi. Then in no time I started jumping distros and finally found my home in Manjaro.


Hi, everybody.

I am new to Linux in general and have been experimenting on various distros quite a while now. This time I decide to try Manjaro because I like how easy the wiki is for me as a newbie to understand and follow through, the community seems nice and friendly.


Welcome aboard!
You'll come to love the way Manjaro is keeping all the software up to date too. It's pretty much on the bleeding edge, but well tested and stable.
It's downright fun :slight_smile:
Nice to meet you!

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bought my first Linux machine from system76 and installed Manjaro immediately
very excited to join this community and learn more about FOSS
thank you to all who help us newbies


Nice to meet you, too.

I am looking forward to those and also its speed.

G'Day all, like the fatboy, I'm an ex South African / but also Australian and 'ancient' (69)!
I have just ditched Gnome to try Cinnamon as I'm trying to get FreeCAD running properly.
For those of who who run into problems booting on an HP Pavilion, use Legacy boot setting.
I look forward to the road ahead, learning Linux with the help of the community, although I know it will be a long slow one! He He! At this time of life, you can take things slowly and at your own pace.


I found FreeCAD the program to most often break after an update, and then needed a lengthy rebuild. Now I use an appimage version (not the bleeding edge but at least stable).

That was savage! :laughing: Getting a machine from System76 but refraining to use the Pop! OS. Welcome to the community! @rhythm_nation_84

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I did the same, PopOS is basically Ubuntu(debian), Manjaro is just better in everything (in my opinion).



It surely is. :smiley:

Based on personal experience and a lot of Linux Distro hopping (Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubutnu, Ubuntu Mate, Gentoo, Pepermint, Linux Mint, Pop OS, Cent OS, Scientific Linux, Fedora Labs). Manjaro is the best option for me, GNOME was good just not on Ubuntu or Fedora / CentOS.

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Looking into the fact that you have even hopped into Gentoo and Scientific Linux, may I present you the crown of the ultimate distrohopper :laughing: But truly, wow! Though I would beg to differ cause I am convinced that Fedora makes GNOME look better. Manjaro GNOME ain't that far back for me but still, Fedora's GNOME has a strange impressiveness with it. :smiley:

Thanks, I'll try that! I did on Gnome and it wouldn't load.

at the moment I use two laptops Fedora (cause of work have to for now) and manjaro gnome.
I am doing some app testing even performance is better on Manjaro, identical hardware both PCs.

well Gentoo was a unpleasant experience, I used it for a month and moved to Fedora (Was around the time I got away from Ubuntu about the all amazon search results in dash search and I hated unity),
then I got to Linux Mint, then pepermint. I even tried Elementary OS ok Desktop too minimalist.

tried BSD at some poing 2010 I think (community and I did not get along well) and Scientific Linux was a Have to cause I am researcher and it was maintained by CERN and RedHat and two entities managing same release was bad. Scientific Linux is nothing more then Cent OS with preinstalled apps, like Fedora LABS now, it is good they killed of Scientific Linux, CentOS / Fedora Labs is better choice.

The beauty in Linux is the option to choose your DESKTOP and DISTRO, you can run manjaro using Linux Mint mainline Desktop evn, Cinnamon on Manjaro, and I can remove pamac and use pacman if i Like to or use or don't use bauh, or install the KDE replacment for pamac forgot the name.

0 chances of this being true in MacOS or MsWIN, best you can hope in mac is to use light/dark theme.

SYSTEM76 has some powerful PCs, but I will order one Spitfire as portable PC + support manjaro.


I have not tried Gentoo yet so it would be quite unfair at my part to speak anything good or bad about it. Ubuntu and Debian are good too but quite not up my sleeve. Frankly speaking, Ubuntu is wildly overrated. Friends of mine running through a bachelors degree pick it up but still nag about it and I wonder if life would really be as comfortable to them as their choice of distro is. :laughing:

Linux Mint was good too. I mean as long as I could run away from that ugly Unity, I could settle for almost anything but for the first time I encountered a desktop environment which felt complete inside out. It was fun for a while but then again, it was based on something which ain't up my sleeve so I went for Fedora. GNOME made me feel good at Fedora (as compared to the GNOME you would find nowadays in Ubuntu which acts like a total Unity ripoff).

Just a sophomore here. Looking forward to learn, help and enjoy my time here.

Hey Bertie, I tried the Appimage install, the FreeCAD front page shows up and then disappears.FreeCAD won't run even after a reboot. The problem I had on Gnome, was all the icons on the workspace were so big there was about 10% of the screen left to draw on.
Maybe I should just go back to Sketchup, at least I know I can get something done!

well I am researcher and academia lecturer in the past and it is important to remember you always learn and we are all students in some shape or form, distro hopping is part of it. I am happy with manjaro for now, I might switch to Intel's Clear Linux OS for work in the future with my Fedora.

Live Long and Prosper :vulcan_salute:

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Hi all,

I'm a long time "want to switch but does not dare to dedicate" type of Linux user. I learned about Linux around '98 and actually bought SuSE Linux 6.3 on CD's. Rather stuck to redhat and GNOME in the good days up until fedora core. Then some Ubuntu and also used Gentoo for some time. Then got too busy with pc gaming and work. After getting a gf and later marry and having kids it just sunk away. Now I have more time to mess with Linux again and got me a dedicated machine, a laptop. After some hopping now settled on Manjaro.
I am hoping to help out if i find answers and get answers here if I need them.


Hello everyone. Im new to forum but have been using different flavors of Manjaro a few years. Currently using cinnamon 18.1 as of yesterday. Prior to that various RC's of cinnamon as well as gnome and kde. Been using linux since early 2000 when I left windows xp. I used to be a windows tech in the 90's and administered various forums back in the day. Got reved up when ubuntu hit the scene and never looked back. I like to test various OS and became a big LinuxMint fan (for a while):slight_smile: I love the speed of Manjaro and always keep comming back to see whats new. Im old school gnome and get tired of too much eye candy found in kde and now the "new" gnome. Cinnamon just seems to fit. Mate is good but just a little too little.....but is my second choice in Linuxmint. The latest 18.1 seems so far just Awesome.

Keep up the good work.


Not to pollute this thread too much, can you please open a new topic in this category "Newbie Corner" with a descriptive title, say, "Trying to get FreeCAD appimage to work". Myself and maybe some others will try to help. I must admit, I am no expert in FreeCAD, AppImage or Gnome. For reference, the one I am using is not the latest, FreeCAD-0.17.

In the mean time, start FreeCAD from a terminal and post any errors in the new topic.

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