New to Manjaro, love the liveboot USB of 21.0 KDE Plasma, having an issue installing to a MicroUSB in a USB Adapter from the livebootUSB

I am fine on the install, until it starts to work. Then an error popping up states…

Bad Unsquash Configuration

The Source File System “/run/miso/bootmnt/manjaro/x86_64/rootfs.sfs” does not exist.

The SD card was reformatted via a windows 10 version of sd formatter.

I am trying to get the install to work on a Samsung 64 GB microSD card so I can use it with two computers I use.

Any suggestions?

You want to install the system on a microSD adapter, to be able to use the microSD adapter on different computers to boot from? I’m not sure you can do that.

Quick forum search: Installing Manjaro to External HDD

I was stating it was in an adapter via USB vs a slot type setup in my laptop. I want to install Manjaro to the SD card in the usb adapter.

I have tried various paths to install on removable media - essentially making a portable instance.

I have found the only path for installing to removable devices is manual.