New to Manjaro first impressions!

Hi Everyone,
Being someone who has used ios for most of his computer life i was somewhat interested in finding more about the various Linux distros out there , and boy there’s plenty to choose from.

After many hours of reading and trying the many different distros out there i came across this one,

Oh boy, can i just say a huge well done to the team for producing what is in my view a well made os. I just love it, The installation was a breeze and i like the many user configurations available to the user. The graphical interface is …well just beautiful . I think i have finally found my os it is just a beautiful os (How many times do i need to say this) I just love it.

However i just now need to learn how to use it . So in conclusion than, No more distro hopping for me just loads of reading on how to use and get the most out of this masterpiece of a OS…

Once again a huge well done to the Manjaro Developers you’ve created a true masterpiece.




I have some reading suggestions


Hi and welcome to the Forum :+1:

Just for fairness, the major thanks should go to the Arch Linux comunity, because Manjaro is mostly just a compilation and ease of use of their packages :wink:
But yea the Manjaro team is doing well so far :+1:

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oh ok i didnt know that …Well a huge well done to them as well :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Many thanks for the suggestions !!



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Additional infos:

Switch from Windows iOS - how to use GNU/Linux:

Please have a look at the ARCH-Wiki (to learn about ARCH/manjaro)

And there is also a small manjaro Wiki

If you are eager to learn, also use: :mag: in the forum


PS Please note:

  • iOS doesn’t require much maintenance (because you paid for it)
  • LINUX/Manjaro is free, but needs maintenance. And if you tinker with it you need to understand what you are doing.

And still have backups.

Even if you don’t, you still do.

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Many thanks for the info.

I would be way out of my comfort zone to even consider being a tinker user. Although i like to learn how things work but from a look and read view point only

Once again thank you for the reading matter.


yes this is one thing i wanted to setup but i cant remember the program used for making backup>>?



There are many of them. Many.


But the most common around here, I think, is Timeshift:

And it’s in the community repository:

$ pamac search timeshift
timeshift                                                                                                                                                                                                                  [Installed] 22.11.2-1  community
A system restore utility for Linux

So can be installed with:

pamac install timeshift

If you know time-machine,

you know the concept behind “snapshots”. So you know how to use them and that they are not a substitute for a backup (unless they are external), but a great help in everyday use.
:mag: timeshift, snapper, btrfs

Make Backups:

Oh my gosh I am overwhelmed by the level of support I have had Thank you all so very much I really appreciate it. As regards to where i store the backups i was going to send them monthly to a external hard drive. However I would manually have to back up my system as the drive would not be fixed to my computer on a permanent basis. I am hoping this is something i can do without much fuss.

Once many thanks…!!

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Someone here also already mentioned it; I think timeshift is the easier option you can use for backups.

It’s not a backup software, it is a “system-rollback” software, you should make backups on external media :wink:

I also have all files synced to cloud I forgot to mention.