New to Linux coming from windows 10

If you like elementary, a more MacOS style, then you should also check out Gnome, Budgie, Xfce, Cinnamon and Mate. KDE and many of the other offerings have a more Windows OS in feel, but do experiment and see what fits.


As someone who strongly dislikes Mint, I would rather suggest having a look at Ubuntu Mate or Lubuntu which are IMHO the best Ubuntu editions.



As a new Win user who isn’t very technical, my recommendation is strongly Linux Mint or Ubuntu Mate 18.04 LTS to dip your toes in the water. They’re both tied to fixed LTS release points for better stability , include snaps or flatpak support for common up-to-date programs and have multi-year support. Both also have active, helpful support forums.

Once you’re comfortable there, distrohop via your USB stick where you can test the different environments prior to potential install.



I agree with @GreenMartian, Mint and Ubuntu Mate are great options to kick off with Linux.

As soon as you start to get comfortable with your first distro you might (but most likely will) get an appetite for experimentation with others.


My practice is to convert windozians without asking : they come to me with a bloated W$ they leave with a GNU/Linux install.

I used to install them on Xubuntu, I now install them on Manjaro Xfce. Didn’t notice any complication.

Both have a small learning curve, the main complication being the arguments :
sudo apt install is easier to grasp than sudo pacman -S
sudo apt upgrade is easier to remember than sudo pacman -Syyu

Mate is not as easy and tweakable as Xfce, Xfce is also so robust and so light and quick !

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for this very reason we have
pamac install
pamac upgrade
pamac build


Thank U !
Didn’t know (no man by the way and a very succinct -h )
I’ll tell them !

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One more distro that is not adviced usually but which is very good for beginners is KDE Neon. Same base as elementary, but way more customisation OOB.

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All options have been covered.

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OP has some reading and thinking to do.

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