New system - SWAP size for suspend to RAM

Hello team -
Getting a new system soon (with 32gig of RAM) and want get a SWAP partition size question resolved, please.

I don’t use hibernate but do suspend to RAM (close the lid or select Suspend from the Gnome menu). Will a 4gig SWAP partition be enough.

As per

6 GB for “without hibernate”, and 38 GB for “with hibernate” should be enough.

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take a look at this page

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If you have 32 GiB of RAM, then unless you’re going to be doing some very heavy stuff ─ e.g. 3D modeling with Blender or running virtual machines ─ then you don’t really need to create a swap partition. It’s always good to have one, but if you’re not going to be hibernating, then you don’t need it.

My system here has 16 GiB of RAM, and I do have two swap partitions ─ on separate drives ─ but I’ve disabled both of them altogether. I’m not a gamer or a developer and I don’t run any virtual machines, but I do engage in a fair amount of multitasking, and yet I haven’t run out of memory so far.


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