New Rig, Dual Boot Question

Hi All
I'm currently building a new rig ( not something i've done in a very long while ) and wanting to dual boot (Windows 10 for gaming, Manjaro i3 for dev). My new rig is x570 mobo, 3800x, 2 x 1TB m.2 blah blah blah

So my question is, if I also add a small ssd, for the boot loaders, whats the best method to install ?

Any guidance greatly appreciated

Many thanks

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that's really not necessary, the bootloaders between the two OS consume megabytes in double figures at most and not gigabytes. The common sense method would be to install Windows first and leave room for manjaro partitions on either of the two M.2 drives.

There are plenty of existing threads about the topic so I would urge you to search and read all the solutions gohlip has posted to date. just make sure to download a release candidate ISO rather than 18.0.4 or your system will not even boot since the hardware wouldn't be supported.

Ok thanks. I wasn't sure whether to just install to just one of the m.2 drives or not.


You should have a look around & see if linux will run those games. I'm dual booting & never use windows. It's just taking up space.

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Well its only really X-Plane and so I may just stick to Manjaro :wink:

Only problem at the moment might be drivers for the 5700 XT graphics card

others have it working as of recently, somewhere towards the end of this thread they figured it out, it would also be the place to ask if your unsure

@dglt Hey thanks for the link :grinning:

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I may be a little late answering.

Installing windows first is easier. I say this because the windows installer is quite finicky. It wants certain partitions of certain sizes in a certain order. (varies across windows versions and even custom ISOs). You can use gparted on the manjaro live usb to change these partitions. Installing manjaro second will make installing grub much easier.

If you install manjaro first, be warned. The windows install will overwrite your grub loader. You will need to chroot into your manjaro build and fix it.

If you have two physical hard drives (not partitions), life is a little easier. You can create an efi partition on each drive so that windows can have its own. The grub installer will detect windows and add an entry for it. In your BIOS you can choose which UEFI to boot first (grub or windows). You may need to install windows on the first physical drive for this to work. When I tried installing windows 1903 yesterday I had several problems, though I switched to a custom ISO to force it to work.

Once everything is installed, configure manjaro to use the RTC time. Windows sets your BIOS time to local time (whatever time is in your timezone). Linux sets it to use UTC time (the time in London).

If you have a 5700/XT graphics card installed. You may want to use on of the manjaro development ISOs. There is a possibility that you will have no GUI and have to install the necessary drivers from the command line. It would be easier to install manjaro with your old graphics card, install the drivers THEN switch to the new card.

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