New Radeon 6800 xt Graphics Card, won't boot to desktop only show black screen

So I got a new 2nd graphics card for my PC, and when I turn on my PC it won’t boot to the desktop, it only shows a black screen. It dose work, it boots all the way to the kernal boot screen. But it won’t get past it I don’t know if its a driver issue or what. If I can get help on this that would be great.

P.S 1st card is a Nvidia rtx 2060

I had a similar issue with a new Radeon 6700 XT few days ago. My problem was that I used an old linux kernel (5.10) which would no longer autoupdate since the package linux-latest was abandoned.

You will need linux kernel 5.12 or newer to use your radeon card.
You can switch to a terminal via pressing alt + ctrl + F2 , login and check via uname -a which kernel you are using.

If you are using an old kernel u can update via
sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux512

Please post the output of inxi -SMGazy. But my guess would be that this configuration is not really supported or the Xorg configuration is causing problems. The configs are generally in /etc/X11/ or in the mhwd.d or xorg.conf.d folders therein.
I’m confused though what the point is of having both cards in the system.

There seems to be a timing issue with newer kernels and AMD video cards. You need to set amdgpu in early KMS. The following worked for me on 2 PCs.

sudo nano /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

Find the line that reads MODULES=() and change it to MODULES=(amdgpu)

Then press ctrl + x then press Y

Next sudo mkinitcpio -P to regenerate the initramfs.

Reboot and tell us if that works for you.

Not sure if mixing a Nvidia and an AMD card in one system is a wise thing to do. Maybe you can make it work, I don’t know, but maybe mixing two different vendors’ cards just won’t work.

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So I used the uname -a command and I am using the 5.11.18-1 kernel. As for the system output, thus is what its hasUploading: 20210513_170432.jpg…

I used the kernel install command but it is still showing a black screen.

Filled in the modules section with amdgpu, and regenerated the initramfs but no luck. Still shows black screen

Try switching to 5.12 kernel from Manjaro settings manager.

Already did that, still shows a black screen

Whats the command for getting to the configs?

So I still need help with this issue. Already installed 512 kernel and its still giving a black screen

I sovled it by switching the cards pci ports

Thanks for that, it solved a problem I’ve been having for weeks with constant firefox crashes.

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