New Pinebook install method and images


We have decided to create a method to install Manjaro-ARM to the internal eMMC in the Pinebook. The procedure is very similar to how one would install Manjaro-ARM on an SDCard however, it will install it to the eMMC without the need to take the Pinebook apart to access it.

We will have these images in future releases and there is support for them in the Manjaro-ARM tools to be able to build these images yourself.

Basic Features:

  • Boots from SDCard
  • Requires a few user inputs as to where to install Manjaro-ARM too, as well as confirmation before continuing.
  • Does not require internet connection to install


  • Download emmc images from OSDN
  • Flash image to SDCard (Larger than 8GB) using typical methods (dd or etcher)
  • Boot pinebook and follow the on screen instructions in selecting the eMMC device (SDCard device is listed as a reference)
  • Allow the install to take place. This will take a long time. Depending on SDCard speeds, it can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes
  • Reboot and remove the SDCard

Currently, we have released an image with the emmc flasher capabilities for 19.04-kde however for future releases, all editions will have emmc flashing images as well.

eMMC flasher utility can be found Here

19.04 KDE emmc flasher image can be found Here

You will need to have a SDCard larger than 8gb to use this image. It requires about 6GB of free storage space in order to extract archives and it will not work on cards 8gb and less.

The image serves no purpose except to flash the KDE image to the emmc. It is larger in size as it contains the 19.04 image as a whole. The image can be used to install on several pinebooks without reflashing the sdcard.


We also plan to have this support other boards that can boot from sdcard/emmc and allow one to flash to the other without removing the storage medium. This is especially useful for cases that do not have access to eMMC.

I have just received my first Pinebook 11" (with the new 1920x1080 IPS panel) and now I'm wondering if to install 19.04 KDE EMMC although there already is a 19.06 (but without EMMC installer image).

Is 19.06 a daily or the latest release and will there be a 19.06 EMMC installer image?

19.06 is the latest release and an eMMC installer image will be available shortly.

PS: 19.06 has not been announced yet, sshhhh. :shushing_face:

OK, that's good news and if it is already around the corner, I'll wait for that one.

In the meantime I have tried with the 19.04 KDE EMMC installer but ran into a problem with an error during the boot process, maybe I have done something wrong?

I have downloaded the compressed image, uncompressed and put it with dd onto a 64GB microSD card. The Pinebook booted from the microSD card but dropped to a command prompt because it could not find a partition:

Not sure what the reason could be right now.

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