New package update?

Hi just wanted to ask when the latest Nvidia driver update or Gnome update will come out? it’s been quite a while since I have seen a Nvidia update and I know it was a minor update but I also know this uses Arch as a upstream, does anyone also know what has been going on with Arch’s repos not being bleeding edge no more on packages and being behind like with Gnome ect for example? I can’t seem to find anyone talking about it but a bunch of people other than myself have noticed this very sudden and odd behavior.

Just like every other time this is asked - when it is ready.

They arent. There is nothing going on. We have our own repositories. Sorted into 3 branches.
If you are on Manjaro Stable Branch, then you should expect things to be held back … thats what the ‘curated’ rolling release means. You can change branches if you like.

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Hi there gameslayer. In my experience over the years, the Manjaro team make efforts to test & push through critical updates more swiftly but as cscs said, holding back packages on the Stable branch of Manjaro is what it’s all about. Even running Stable, your machine will be more up to date than 90% of Linux machines out there. Apart from the community vibe, it’s what I love about Manjaro, being able to run an Arch-based OS as a non-techy but without the level of risk. You oould always run “testing” or “unstable” branch. All the best…


“Just like every other time this is asked - when it is ready.”

Well yes obviously but that doesn’t help anyone with questions and yes I know how Manjaro and it’s repos work but like I basically asked, is there any updates or news on new packages for Nvidia or Gnome that;s all :slight_smile:

Yeah like I said to cscs I know how Manjaro and it’s repo’s work but all I was asking is is there any updates on the Nvidia or Gnome DE getting updates, that’s all :slight_smile:

And yeah I do love that about Manjaro also :smiley:

Gnome-Shell 41.1 is currently in Unstable, Testing and Staging branches.
New nvidia the same.

So you could check out the most recent Testing announcement, to see if there are any issues that are holding back the update to Stable.

Ahh I see that’s ok I can wait, so they are still in unstable? are both of them actually ready or still being tested/worked on currently?

I don’t use either, so I don’t know. You need to check the Testing announcement thread for details.

See here for checking: Manjaro - Branch Compare

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That’s really helpful, thanks! :smiley:

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How do I switch to the staging branch?

See here: Switching Branches - Manjaro

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Don’t switch to the stable-staging branch, it’s getting most likely removed, there was most likely last update yesterday to the stable-staging branch
Use rather testing or unstable if you cannot wait for the updates to come to the stable

Oh thanks for letting me know as I wouldn’t of even known that was happening!

can you send a link about the news about that?

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See the #announcements section here, on the forum. Right in front of you.

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You can’t plainly see it by going there, it’s a comment on one of the posts so you would only know if you had a direct link like he sent just to let you know so I wouldn’t of known :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s in the announcement itself

First sentence in the thread

This most likely will be the last stable-staging update, before we disolve this branch …

It’s the #announcements, for what would there be announcement on Manjaro’s forums? About Manjaro, obviously. And once there, you can see it’s about [Stable update]s, [Testing updates]s, [Unstable update]s, or [Stable-staging update]s.

Just do a bit more reading than (badly) skimming the surface. There is a lot of other info there as well, that you’ll be thankful you didn’t miss.

Yeah, I had to learn that myself, so yes, I’m talking from experience.


Also, there are fairly regularly update announcements in the forum, as the section would suggest. When those announcements are released, they are the top busiest forum topic.

There are also RSS feeds for the announcements, as well as the matray tray app for it. So I think it’s well covered. If you don’t expect to be spoon-fed, that is.


haha yeah there is a lot of info all there to easily find it for sure, a little cluttered but of course gives you all the info :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: