New mirror in VN


I have setup a new mirror in VietNam, Ho Chi Minh city:
Sync from source Asia / Japan:
Update every 4hours
Protocol available: HTTP
Server bandwith: 94Mbps
Storage capability : 120GB

Please consider to add this server to your mirror list so Manjaro users in VietNam can update faster. If you have any question about this server you can contact me directly at

Thanks in advanced.


rsync available at

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Thx for your support. I’ve added it to our mirrorlist.

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Hi Philm,

After checked in, i saw the Protocol support was wrong, my server don’t serve on HTTPS yet,

So i was try to test by using pacman-mirrors --country all --api --protocols all and failed when it came to my server.

Please change it to correct Protocol, thank you.

Have a good day.


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Tried to generate new mirror list this morning but the Vietnamese server threw an error at me. Seems like the wrong protocol labeling was the cause. Can anyone help fix the issue? :smiley:

sudo pacman-mirrors --api --protocol https http --country Vietnam China Hong_Kong Taiwan Indonesia && sudo pacman -Syyu
.: INFO Protocols in config is changed
.: INFO Downloading mirrors from

.: INFO User generated mirror list
.: INFO Custom mirror file saved: /var/lib/pacman-mirrors/custom-mirrors.json
.: INFO Using custom mirror file
.: INFO Querying mirrors - This may take some time
   1.205 China          :
   ..... China          :

   1.594 China          :
   3.131 China          :
   0.954 China          :
   1.255 Hong_Kong      :
   ..... Indonesia      :
   0.951 Taiwan         :
   ..... Vietnam        :
.: ERROR [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: certificate has expired (_ssl.c:1045) ''

Hello Bro,

I fixed the SSL error, my auto renew config was in trouble so the SSL wasn’t renew as expected.

Thank you.


Thank you very much for your prompt action! This is why I like Manjaro people A LOT! :smiley:

Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều vì đã nhanh chóng sửa lỗi! Đây là lý do mà tôi quý các thành viên Manjaro VÔ CÙNG!

So we can still use the https URL for this server. I can additional add http as backup.

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Hello Philm,

My mirror is going to be offline at April 01 2019 due to financial issue, it will comeback after a few months.

Have a good day Philm.

Best regards.


:sob: Oh no! This is a very bad joke for April Fool!

It’s not a joke and also It’s not even 1st April yet.
Chill out my friend, It will comeback soon and stronger than ever.

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I have info about a new mirror in Iceland. They asked me to give you the info. So here goes:

synced every 6 hours from


The admin is Richard Allen ( )

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here, it should be a new post:

This is not a question about creating a new server. This is a server hosting mirrors for various distros. Only thing needed is to register it with the team so that it will show up in the mirrorlist.

yes, and what i quoted was the instructions on getting a mirror registered once it's created.

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Thx for the mirror. We will list it soon.

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