New Manjaro Hardware for Spring 2019 available



I’m happy to announce that our hardware portfolio got an huge update for spring 2019. We additional provide now Workstations and Mini PCs via our hardware partner from Belgium. Here are the current highlights:

Full Red Metal Jacket

A new high-end full metal Intel based laptop in a cool red design

Manjaro Mini-PC

With the new ManjaroBox series we are now able to provide minimalist sized PCs to work with ease.

Manjaro AIO Slim Bezel FHD computer (curved)

With the new AIO line we offer nice Workstations you can work with style on your projects.

Project and Customer Support by Linux Service Belgium

Additional we have the agreement to get 10 EUR per sale donated to the project. Plus we have offers to get your privacy secured thru Tails and/or Kodachi.


With extra support as GPS tracker, remote support, update support and website blocker service we have a solid extra service portfolio others don’t have yet. If you don’t know Manjaro yet, please give it a live testdrive in your webbrowser!


Very cool! That AIO looks sweet.


I don’t like “all-in-one” computer, but damn it looks awesome!


That VNC session is a great idea, are you going to make some for the other flagship editions too?

I still find surprising none of the hardware partners offer any AMD powered devices yet.


Show AMD some love! Their Linux support is amazing!


yep that’s exactly my sentiment. anyhow I’d still consider a Spitfire if I needed a new laptop.

the ultimate linux AIO has to be the B-29 Superfortress with Manjaro pre-installed of course :wink:


I’m holding out for a Ryzen 3000 series notebook.


Is it only for me links don’t work?

#9 seems unreachable to a handful of people… same for images linked from there, etc.


@cscs @webcapcha same here, the site is down


Funny enough the testdrive thing works … though its kinda slow and it looks … off to me

#12 is down.


Is the website running on ubuntu?




Indeed it’s a bit fuzzy and slow but should give people a general idea of what the OS looks like and contains on the ISO.

@philm To me it would be better if ALL the hardware and stickers and goodies were all purchasable in a single manjaro branded merchandise platform under domain (similar to how Amazon Marketplace operates) with no need to go externally to 5 different sites (one of which is named after ubuntu). Of course payments for orders would have to be handled and passed on to the vendors but it would be a more seamless experience that way and easier for interested users to find and buy the manjaro gear.

I know it’s a complicated suggestion but it believe it may help drive an increase sales, so the extra hassle setting it up initially should pay for itself in no time.

Just bought one of these, very nice design :slight_smile:


Well there is alot of diffrent models. I think there might be room for an arm-notebook? Maybe some china rebrand laptop.

Yeah some other Manjaro-merch would be nice, im quite picky when it comes to hardware purcases.


Something like that :smiley: ?


That mini-computer look appealing like it could be used as Raspberry PI.

I wonder what kind of modded Minecraft server I could run on it. :stuck_out_tongue:



looks like the same thing (with better cpu)

(or 20 more for the BNH model)

+ ram (8gb, ~60 € )and ssd (sata 120-250 GB ~60 €)
~ 360+120
= 480 (/500 )for a better “mini” pc with better specs

Unfortunately, all these “manjaro pc’s” seems overpriced


Over priced? Not really, because you get some support and the convenience of it being setup for you. plus the vendors have to earn a living and also some proceeds from sales are donated to Manjaro.