New Manjaro gnome minimal releases gone very wrong

When i was trying Manjaro gnome minimal around 21.2.1(i guess) everything was working like how it should have, but around 21.2.4- 21.2.6 gnome minimal releases, a lot of the gnome extensions are gone
For example material shell extension is gone and thats why applying “material shell” in the layouts app doesnt work

And the apps in the apps menu are not grouped, i guess its because of some error or something
The menu is more empty and clean when apps are grouped out of the box

Also the bottom dock just doesnt show up on the homepage(wallpaper) for some reason
There arent any bugs like these on full(not minimal) version
Please fix these on gnome minimal, im literally writing this from windows right now.

This might be a consequence of the preparations for GNOME 42.

Below is the official linked ISO from the downloads page, is this the 21.2.6 version used that has the issue?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. :wink:


i hope they wont mess up more stuff in the gnome minimal isos :confounded:

@Hanzel No, the minimal iso

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