New low cost printer suggestion, please!

Hi, everyone!..

For some years right now I have been printer less at home, once I really didn’t need one. I can do pretty much everything paperless these days!.. But recently an odd (to say very odd) bureaucratic process will require some 5 pages a month from me. Once I’m not really at home with Linux printing “state of the art” these days, before I make a bad purchase, let me to ask our wonderful community if anyone has experienced some quite recent low cost printers on Linux, preferably the ones with an incorporated scanner. For such a so small workflow, I won’t need any luxuries… The cheapest the better!.. Any ideas? HP was usually my go-to printers. Maybe one of their basic Deskjets will suffix?

Excuse me for asking and have a nice day!..

Yeah!.. Understandably! Each time I go on a store there are different products going on and out, and Manjaro should to be product agnostic, apart the Manjaro sponsored ones. No sponsored printer as far as I can know. Thanks for the advise, but let us to see the thing from another perspective: The printers section is full of problems that might haven’t been so, if such a good information provider existed and people wouldn’t run on bad purchases. All of us know Linux is compatible with many/most hardware out there, but not all. And no reliable place to know what else, or because the ones existing are outdated, or because they are far and between the subject. Yeah, I searched extensively before posting! Perhaps it would to be nice if we, as community try to at least give some advice to the ones asking. Less problems afterward and more members coming in. That was the spirit of my post, not to break with the rules. Forgive if it was the other way round and have a nice day!..

Just search by Manufacturer and it’ll tell you which works perfectly

There are also tons of articles out there that tells you which printers work great on Linux

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To save yourself a headache and to support open source initiatives, stick with HP printers on Linux, simply for the fact that they develop and maintain the open source HPLIP drivers, which are usually included in most distros by default, and provide full printing, scanning, and faxing capabilities “out-of-the-box” for Linux systems.

Check out the Printing page on the Manjaro wiki.

Just look for the cheapest model that fits your needs and see what features it offers. :slight_smile:

@realmain 's link provides a double-safety net. You can always pop in the model number on your phone with that site open while shopping at a store.


Many thanks to all whom contributed! It helps a lot!..

+1 for HP printers. Could never get my Epsom bx305fw to work properly but HP Envy Pro everything just worked straight out of the box

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