New look for manjaro-architect

In building a new iso for bspwm edition, I discovered that manjaro-architect uses totally illegible colors in live session if

  1. you run it in live session and
  2. you have maia-console installed and
  3. you run it in terminal emulator instead of tty.

Since maia-console was designed specifically for manjaro-architect, and running installer from live session is a major use case, I found this to be suboptimal. So now, manjaro-architect uses that specialized dialogrc only in console and only if maia-console is installed. This lets us keep the great look @oberon created, without hampering other use cases.

However, this also opened up an opportunity to theme manjaro-architect also for terminal emulators. Preliminary theme I created looks like this:

The exact colors depend on your terminal emulators colors, but the basic theme remains consistent and legible. I cannot reproduce the original look that is used in console, because dialog seems to use only 8 colors, and regular terminal themes do not map colors in a way that would allow me to make most of that (but if someone knows otherwise, I’ll be grateful if you prove me wrong!).

So, what do you think about this theme? How would you improve it? do you have better alternative in mind?


Looks like you did a great job, thank you! I know how hard it is with dialog’s way of mapping colors :wink:

I’m unsure if white or cyan is better background color. Cyan feels more manjaro, but could potentially be really ugly on some themes. White on the other hand might be very bright on some teminals. Black is the safest for the eyes, but also the ugliest:

I thought this was announcing new menu workflow improvements. Alas, not.

FWIW when in doubt always go with darker colours IMO. Maybe not midnight black, but definitely a dark background.


My preference would be gray or dark gray, but unfortunately it is not available afaik. We have choice of blue, red, magenta, green, cyan, yellow, white and black, shades of which we cannot control.

That menu uplift is now long due. I have been waiting for someone to transfer the menus to use the dynamic model, but maybe I’ll just rearrange the menus somehow I can…

I think blue has been the traditional colour of choice for old programs for a reason. But I don’t know.

How do you recommend to test, what to change in .dialogrc?

Open manjaro-architect in terminal and /usr/share/manjaro-architect/dialogrc_gui in text editor. Edit the one part of the file and save. Move to another menu in manjaro-architect to see changes. Every menu is a new dialog instance, so changes take effect when new screen is loaded.

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Btw, I just tried arch-anywhere. The installer has really been improved since I last tried it, it is pretty excellent way to install arch now. They also had some features that might be nice implement in manjaro architect:

  • progress bars
  • operations are more transparent on what commands they run
  • packages are collected to a list and installed all at once in the end
  • log shows the real output of commands

All in all, it is probably easier than manjaro-architect for beginners, since it uses wizard structure instead of navigateable menu. It also has more simplistic partitioning, and less choices. All in all, very neat.

Another thing I think we could have is updating checklist of completed items in the background title or somewhere.


@sueridgepipe This would be the object of your desires?

Unfortunately I cannot yet show the inner menus, because they fail to load for some reason. But pacman preps went to preparation menu:

Ah, it was some pesky spaces after \

Personally I prefer the grey that it currently has. If grey is not an option, then I would go with black because it is a lot easier on the eyes (and I personally like how it looks).

Do you mean this gray:

or this gray:

The second one, that is what I get for the whole screen with the copy of m-a that I have.

That is still the color scheme in the console. I would like to replicate it in gui terminals, but cannot. Oberon did it be remapping yellow and few other colors to different shades of gray, but since we don’t know what colorscheme user has, we have to assume that yellow is yellow and magenta is magenta, and are limited to fewer shades of gray.

Ah I see. So when the colour changes are made will it continue to be the same grey in the console and just have the new colours for terminal emulators or will both have the new colour scheme?

Console stays the same. I’m just trying to get closer to that in terminal emulators

This grey. As light as it can be. I always use Breeze light for everything simply because I hate the dark themes. But, that’s just me.
Oops, it did not copy the picture. I meant the first one: grey on blue.

Okay, darkness has gathered more votes for now. I just built manjaro-architect-dev and uploaded it to repos. The new menu structure and dark background can be tested with the package once it hits the mirrors you use.

I’ll be looking into how to get that light gray @DeMus requested.

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green and black, or thereabouts, are good easy-on-the-eyes dark color choices, like post#9.

For text legibility, light blue on white background is second top most. First would be green text on light yellow. White on light blue background is not too bad. The rest of other combinations would be far down the list. (Try purple on green :rofl:)

[edit] - black on white beats white on black big time; just to show background/text colors matters.

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