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Hellooooo, this is something completely unrelated to Manjaro but I am trying to show Linux to people and the logo that comes up when searching on a search engine is so outdated and ugly. Is there any way the Linux logo can be updated? Does anyone know where I would have to talk to so this can be heard? Sorry for the random topic.

If you are referring to Tux, then that might be difficult, a start might be to read the history:

As for talking to someone, I am just speculating, but perhaps:


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Oh no, I'm talking just updating the design of Tux. It looks very 90's right now. Clear Linux for example has a much better logo.

Thank you so much for the links. :smiley:

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Tux is tux and this
is the ClearLinuxProjectLogo.

I think those won't be happy if others use that even if it would be the tux mascot.


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