New laptop needed. recommendations please

it is time to find replacement for my trusty and handy acer TM8371G. the screen died and even if fixing will not be very expensive, it a grandpa laptop now. I am asking for recommendations of machines matching a few requirements.

  • full linux compatible (of course ) (open, not like xps bounded to only the one “proper” version of OS)
  • mat screen
  • 13.3" or 14" in small body factor
  • full ( or almost full) size keys
  • proper classic CPU ( no SOCs) , ryzen preferable
  • do not need a power beast, office, internet, entertainment, occasional gaming
  • more budget friendly than less ( +/- £500)
    thanks in advance for suggestions. the nest is full lists with system76 and xps but nothing budget friendly :frowning:

Hi @lukas0,

these type of requests for hardware recommendations are not supported on this forum as quickly being outdated and therefore useless after very short time. Rather use a search engine of your choice and then you could check your selection here:

If you avoid Nvidia graphics and exotic brands there is a good chance it’s working out of the box even if for very new processors it could take a while until being fully supported.


As per forum rules:

Product Recommendation Requests

Threads seeking advice about computer product recommendations are discouraged.

  • Such topics, like the technology they discuss, quickly become obsolete and are unlikely to provide any lasting benefit to the wider community.
  • You are expected to be able to do your own research and draw your own conclusions about which product best suits your individual requirements.

The Manjaro team has a partnership with a few hardware vendors. Have a look here:

cc @Wollie @Aragorn