New kernel and firmware update - BSOD on reboot

6.1.30 works fine but 6.1.44 destroys my system completely. The firmware update seems to break everything as well since I can no longer even use the network on a backup kernel.

I would boot into a LIVE ISO and try to install kernel 6.4. An alternative would be to temporary switch to unstable branch and to update, then you get kernel 6.1.45.

Sorry, forgot to mention that in my post I have done this 4 times already. Unfortunately I did not make a time-shift of my original install.
I will try kernel 6.4 perhaps on the new install.

edit: I do have an invalid grub boot entry from an install that does not exist any longer (artix). I’ll try to get rid of it. It doesn’t seem related, though.
It seems that booting into the newest 6.4 kernel worked. Will try updating the packages now and report back.
edit2: It did work. Now I wonder why my original install got so destroyed and booting into a different kernel just would not work.

edit3: It’s really strange actually because even on the new installs attempting to use an alternative kernel wouldn’t work. Literally running that kernel does something to my system to the point that I cannot even run my install at all anymore. I had to make sure to never run 6.1.44 and then install an alternative kernel or else it just will not work. System seems to be working fine now after multiple reboots though so thanks.

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