new kate icon for Breath2

@oberon - are you interested in adding this? I can make some more sizes to cover the normal range and email it to you if you are. I don't do inkscape so it's recoloured in GIMP


slightly darker:



The .png format will not help, but i will take care of the .svg files, manjarofy the colors and update the theme. :wink:


cool thanks :metal:

Talking about making icons hard to recolor in inkscape ... Anyway, hope soon there will be an update.

If it's overly complicated please don't put yourself out over this. I find Inkscape completely alien, I guess I could use some of the next few weeks to start learning it better. I've edited svg files in nano before now rather than load Inkscape. This particular icon file is quite complex to put it mildly.

The issue is not inkscape. Not for me anyway, but the way the original Kate.svg icon was created and colored. Gradients are defined in a way that for me at least is convoluted ... :slight_smile:


As always, quick and dirty :wink:


What I did was quick and dirty, yours looks much cleaner. Not going anywhere near toilet licking references btw :wink:

That looks nicer than the original, the background looks better without the raised edge effect.

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As always, the problem, fortunately, is that we all never have the same taste.
And I am not sure what deepl translate "raised edge effect" Bird or circle???


circle, look at the one I recoloured in GIMP and you will see what I mean. There's a pseudo depth effect on the bottom edge of the circle that looks pretty crappy. Your flatter one is nicer.

Also, you nailed the bird :metal:

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See if the new updated theme makes things as you expected.

@SGS - Those look cool. The only problem is that in some instances we have to go with the same look and feel as the icon theme, or with the original approach by the creator of the icon. They are very keen to respect the icon theme specification, and that sometimes goes with what you rightfully said:


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Thanks, looks good to me :smiley:

What about gThumb icon? It is same as Image Viewer in Gnome.....

What icon theme are you using in Gnome? If is Papirus family, then i have no power over it. Probably if is Papirus-Maia, then i could take a look, the problem is that the coloring is done from upstream and has some particular symlinks that point to the original Papirus icon theme, hence custom icons are quite strange to integrate.

It is Papirus themes. I use Papirus-Adapta-Nokto-Maia but it is same on all Papirus
Screenshot from 2020-03-19 08-54-32

You should probably report it upstream to papirus developer. :slight_smile:


I'm mulling over making a new Timeshift Icon because I know the original is supposed to be retro but I just don't like it. It will at least make me learn about Inkscape if I do it properly as an SVG :slight_smile:

I have dabbled with Inkscape before but only very briefly and it was to make a custom set of playing card backs for use with Aisleriot where pretty much all changed was the image concerned rather than the symbols on the front. Hardly complex and by no means enough knowledge to make a decent icon yet.

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I have made some improvements, in my opinion :wink:

To finish it mentally for me :smiley: :slight_smile:

Original template

The kate.svg is not as complicated as the following , I admire the creators of these icons, but that doesn't stop me from cloning/building them :wink: :slight_smile:


The original in orange, to my surprise, only took second place in the user survey for a New Firefox logo. Well, just taste :slight_smile:

Ah, but still found, I only had this PNG as template, no SVG.

Over and Out :slight_smile:


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