New Intel dGPU?

OK I just Found about this last night and finished watch this Video this Morning:

This is Leaked Specs and I’m not sure if it is OEM only or We can buy the Cards once they are Released.

Those here who know more, will there be Linux Drivers available? I hope this doesn’t end up being the i740…

what about Securities and Vulnerabilities ?

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Good Question, but I just found out about this late last night by watching the above Video and finishing it this morning.

I wondering if it is OEM only or will be sold to Gamers later this Year?

From Tom’s Hardware:

Is PCIe 5 even out now? I thought Intel was still at PCIe 3 while only AMD has it on a few chipsets?

It’s called marketing:

Don’t pay any attention to “leaks”: Intel is well-connected to the Linux community and writes their own drivers for mass-market products and is #1 on the list of companies by # of commits to the Linux kernel:


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I might buy one if they get good reviews and are reasonably priced.

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