New Installation of Manjaro No Updates

Hi thanks for calling in.

I am a newby newbie just completed an installation of Manjaro which seemed to go well and installed with 902 updates to be completed (seems an awful lot) tried to run the updates but received the following picture.


HELP !! Thanks Peter

Welcome here, @Peterd

Language can be a strong tool, especially if you are not allowed to post pictures as newbie… :upside_down_face:

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Hi Thanks yes a very WARM welcome


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

The uploading of pictures to the forum is unfortunately limited to members with trust level 1 or above ─ this is still under revision, as the entire forum just had to be recreated from scratch due to a problem with the old one ─ and as a newbie, you are currently at trust level 0; see the Discourse trust levels.

That said, with a new installation, you must always first download a fresh mirror list and sync the mirrors…

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

Thank you I understand what is expected of me but as I said from the start I am a NEWBIE with no experience of the Linux System saw Manjaro recommended as a good start, made the ISO installed it all fine BUT then greeted by a Window saying I had 902 updates to input, tried to update but greeted by a window stating the updates could not be completed as it could not Open the Package File whatever that means, and is the picture I TRIED to show any would be reply/helper to this problem.

To be greeted with a load of hydrographics explaining HOW things should be done on Manjaro is not a friendly welcome to Linux Manjaro, and I don’t thank you. I was hoping for a simple.

This is how you complete the updates, simples !! Think I’ll stick with my Mac… Traaaaa


How are you trying to install the updates? Through the gui or through the cli? If you can tell us that we can tell you the easiest way to fix it.

Thank you for your input and welcome nice to say hello.

OK understand what I had to do summat before I start given the code thank you BUT as I said from the start I AM A NEWBIE and this is a foreign language to me and something I have to understand SO where can I look to see how I “download a Fresh Mirror” obviously required before I do anything ??

I will add I am over 80 years but WANT TO LEARN !! Thanks again.

I gave you a simple solution, which involved a single (albeit compound) command. :arrow_down:

Thank you again BUT you have given me a list of strange code, where am I supposed to input it on Manjaro I had a look at Linux and there was a window I could open to insert such a code which I cannot see in Manjaro I presume cos as it has to be UPDATED it is not a complete installation, this is an assumption !!

Unfortunately the language barrier does complicate things as not everything translates well. I still struggle with the cli myself and know linux can seem a little overwhelming at times. It does get easier and then you realise actually linux isn’t that difficult at all. Stick with it and it will be worth it

It is a command, to be entered in a terminal window. You didn’t tell us what desktop environment you’re using ─ Manjaro comes in several different flavors ─ but the option to open a terminal should be available from the main menu. If you are using KDE Plasma as your desktop environment, then it’s called Konsole.

The command I gave you makes use of sudo, which will prompt you for your password in order to elevate its privileges, and you need that in order to update the system, because in GNU/Linux, an unprivileged user does not have write access to the system areas of the filesystem hierarchy.

Hello thank you Aragorn and Sawdoctor yes ‘overwhelming’ is a good word to use, now I haven’t a clue what environment I’m using and unfortunately I do not have a menu or other list to seek a Terminal I assume maybe it’s because I don’t have a complete download however I have uploaded the program twice with the same result.

I was hoping to have Linux on this computer as it was a very fast gaming computer but have no interest in games.

Well while I was compiling this message I have now installed Linux Cinnamon and it installed like a dream but was hoping to have tried Manjaro but “such is life” you can’t have your own way all the time. SO !!


Sorry about your bad experience but if you like cinnamon there is a manjaro-cinnamon edition, I’m using it myself

Thank you I’ll look into that !!

Well well thank you Sawdoctor I now have a completely installed AND updated (405) edition of Manjaro-Cinnamon and I love it. Nice Clean uncluttered Desktop and layout I am delighted ‘at last’.

Huge thanks P…

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