New installation of kernels failed

I performed a new installation of Manjaro XFCE with version 21.1.6 of 211016.

I installed two kernels: 5.10 an 5.4. Both are not shown as installed in the Manjaro settings manager.

If I boot with kernel 5.10, then I get the following error:
failed to mount /boot/efi
failed to load kernel modules.

Booting with kernel 5.13 works fine.

Hi @Keruskerfuerst ,
I wonder whether you could installed them again, because I did the same installation on my laptop and worked fine. I installed the kernels from the Manjaro Settings Manager under Settings.

How did you try to install them?


I installed the two kernel with Manjaro settings manager.

If I use
mhwd-kernel -li
then I get kernel 5.13 installed.

What I have done:
manually removed the two kernels (5.10 and 5.4) from /boot
and then installed them with
mhdw-kernel -i linux510
mhwd-kernel -i linux54

And everthing works fine.

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