New Installation Configuration

How accurate is this guide?
madaidans-insecurities github io /guides/linux-hardening
I’m trying to idiot-proof my machine before I do something dumb. Thx!

If you make something idiot-proof the universe will create a better idiot.


Seriously now, I think it’s safer as it is than it would be to go do all kinds of stuff i there. In my opinion it’s just like your car’s engine. Sure, you can service it, maybe even fix an oil leak, but will you go and take out the engine to replace the piston seals if you don’t know how to do it. Regardless if you had the service manual or not.

I’ve done both before, the Linux kernel compiling as well as the engine removal and let me tell you, I’d leave both to the experts nowadays.

So, that guide might be good and it might not. Personally I don’t think it’s worth it.

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my opinion:

It may be mostly accurate but it sure is opinionated.
to wit:
item 1 - all of it
item 21.1
and this from 22:

The best distribution to use as a base for your hardened operating system would be Gentoo Linux

If you don’t have the knowledge and try to apply this guide
all you do is make your life harder with minimal gains
or (much more likely) break or cripple the functionality of your system
while it can already be difficult to manage any distribution without these “improvements”.

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