New install problem

Hi All, this is my first time. :slight_smile:
Today I tried to install Manjaro KDE alongside Win10. It failed with an error that said something to the effect that it couldn’t install grub. My system is brand new and consists of :

Gigabyte AORUS Pro B550 AC
Ryzen 7 3800X
32 gig g.skill RAM
1 tb SSD m.2 (main boot drive)
4 tb mechanical drive
160 gb mechanical drive

When I was setting up the install, the installer did not see the SSD (which is where I wanted to put it), so I told it to install on the smaller 160 gb mechanical drive. This smallest drive is/was a mbr drive. The other 2 are gpt. I suspect the main problem is the failure to identify the SSD. Any suggestions?

An interesting thing is that after the failure I restarted the computer intending to go into Win10 but the UFEI could not see the SSD either, even when I entered the BIOS. (Panic) Only after I powered down the box and restarted did it comeback alive. Whew!


on UEFI gigabyte , create a profile and save for Windows

recheck all option in your UEFI and create profile Linux

  • SecureBoot off
  • Fast Boot off
  • No CSM
  • No Legacy
  • all disks on AHCI

boot only on UEFI:<partition 1> → EFI install manjaro

you can check in terminal , before install

inxi  -Fxza
test -d /sys/firmware/efi && echo efi || echo bios
sudo efibootmgr -v
sudo parted -l 
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Thank you stephene. I did as you suggested and it installed fine and seems to be working. This time I gave it the entire disc. Don’t know if that had any bearing on it but at least it worked. Unfortunately I put it on my oldest and slowest disc and it is intolerably slow. So I would like to reinstall it on the ssd as I originally intended. If I boot windows and delete the partition it is in, would that put me back at the beginning? Or would something else need to be managed? I am concerned about confusing the boot loaders with multiple installs.


may be change 160gb HDD for a better SSD ?