New install log in fail

I installed Manjaro KDE ARM edition for Raspberry Pi 4 and completed the set up information. When I reboot and enter my information i get a log in failed message. I have double checked that the info is correct. What should I do?

Welcome here, @JSzanyi

At login the US keyboard layout (QWERTY) is active, means some keys differ to your locale which is activated at a later stage of booting. Check for “y” and “z” in your passphrase for example, as these letters could be switched.

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The US keyboard is what I use

Make it passwordless? Easier if you can do on linux box
pull SD, edit etc/shadow (on SD), 1st make a copy in case you “screw up”
the fields are separated by “:” , colon
root:many random appearing letters(40+): more fields, no spaces
make it , root::more fields
and also , user::more fields , user= your login name, toward bottom
Then boot, set a password, but maybe not for root until you are sure all is well
An example, from the box I am typing on, passwordless root
the 3rd.4th.5th,6th fields may not be same, this is not manjaro
the 1st field is “root”, 2nd field is null, empty, that is hashed password
And looking at manjaro box, 3rd field is 18234, rest are empty, root &user