New install issue


I’ve never used Manjaro before. I last used Budgie.
After a hard drive crash, I bought a cheap HP Mini, with i686 architecture.
So, I’m trying to install an older version of Manjaro.
I used a thumb drive to run Manjaro, but when trying to run the install from the desktop, I get this far & I’m stuck.
Can’t see how to select root.
I’d appreciate any help please.



Select root (/) is done in the manual partition step in the Calamares installer.


Did you try the “Edit Partitions” button?


I couldn’t find anything there, to select root.

Door from “Linux For The Rest Of Us”, in ep. 209, said that we should only have 1 partition. In trying to select that, I got a warning that that could damage the system.


Looking at the screenshot you provided, you need to select the partition with the ext4 file system. You can’t install a system on a Swap partition.

Don’t know what you mean. Normal systems have at least 2 partitions. A Root partition and a Swap partition.

When you make changes to your hard drive it always could damage an already installed system und result in data loss.

Since Manjaro will drop the support for 32 bit in the near future, you might want yo install a different distribution.


I clicked on the ext 4, it highlights, but the doesn’t select it as root.
Thank you for clarifying the single vs multiple partitions idea.
The laptop is an i686. It looks like everyone its dropping support for i686. Can’t afford a newer pc at this time, so, I’m stuck.


This is only the first step. It doesn’t choose Root by default. After you select it, you need to klick on “Edit Partitions” as Strit mentioned. There you need to choose a Mount Point. The Mount Point needs to be / (Root).

The Link List of distributions for 32bit x86 hardware [Wiki] provide some Distributions wich still support 32 Bit.


Thank you very much.


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