New install and just got dual displays

I used the settings to configure my dual displays, but i noticed the highest refresh rate was 120hz? Is there a way to configure my monitor 1 to it’s 165hz and my other display to 144hz? Wish this was in the gui, but i guess I will have to use command line. Please let me know if this is something that’s been resolved previously, after I am a noob.:grimacing:

Are you using DisplayPort or HDMI? You should be using DisplayPort. Technically HDMI 2.1 works too, if both your monitor and cable supports it, but simpler to use DisplayPort. If you’re using HDMI → DisplayPort adapter, I believe it only supports up to 120hz as well.

And is your monitor a 165hz monitor? Some 165hz monitors don’t have that option until you go into the monitor’s settings and turn on the overclock from 144hz to 165hz.


Thanks I’ll definitely look into that. I’m pretty sure they are hdmi 2.0s but i wanted to switch because I saw mass effect modding tools had finally moved to Linux. So in other words if I get the correct cables to do the job then Manjaro should pop up options for higher refresh rates?

HDMI 2.0 should theoretically support up to 1080p @ 240hz, 1440p @ 144hz, 4K @ 60hz.

HDMI 2.1 supports up to 1440p @ 240hz, 4K @ 144hz

Theoretically, yes. Not going to promise it’ll work 100% though. I had the same issue before with HDMI cables, so I just swapped everything to DisplayPort.


Linus Tech Tip on YouTube just did a review on video cables. You might want to check it out and make sure you get cables capable of supporting your high refresh rate monitors. There’s a lot of junk sold on Amazon and eBay.

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Alright a thanks all of you! I really want to ditch windows, but i just wish basic configurations didn’t go to the command line every time. How did you people get to a point where you beat the learning curve? Do you know any channels that cover the Manjaro basics that is not 5 or so years old?

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I only installed Manjaro about a month ago. I am utterly clueless about how most of it works, and Linux in general. I last tried Linux… well it’s been so long ago I can’t even remember. Let’s say at least a decade.
However, I’ve found the whole experience pleasantly positive. I decided to approach the things positively, and not to get trapped in the “ugggh it’s not the same as Windows, I hate it” mindset. I actually like some of the differences and feel I am in control and can customise things to how I like it. Also, the OCD part in me would like to know how EVERYTHING works. But I realised I don’t need to. Manjaro has worked pretty much out of the box. I had a couple of minor problems with my motherboard’s PCIe speed, but I had the same problems on Windows and it was fixed thanks to the Manjaro community here.

I’ve found Linux to be FAR more user-friendly than the older distros I used years back, when everything was terminal driven, So I’ve decided to learn a little at a time, and not get too stressed out about being clueless about so much, Thinking about it, and the closed source nature of Windows, I never knew how much of Windows worked, and never really thought about it. I think Linux seems different and maybe overwhelming at first because you CAN know how almost every part works, and change how it works too.

I don’t have any great learning sources. I use these forums, Arch Linux Wiki, and I found Tyler’s Tech on YouTube to be informative and not too overwhelming. I’m just trying to take small bite-sized chunks at a time, rather than try to learn everything at once.

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Yeah I’m trying to keep my head up. I’ve noticed my other monitor gives me the option to make it 144hz, but my other one which 165hz only give me the option to do 120 so I order display ports and watched some Linus tech tips. I’m optimistic because I thought I was stuck on windows because I have RAZR keyboard and mouse and a Astro headset. That is until I discovered the “open razer” project and saw one similar for my Astro A50 headsets. I can’t wait to see what is available!