New Inkscape 0.92 breaks your previous works done with Inkscape


More work for the userland

I can’t spend the end of month to convert over 10000 files manually one by one and push them to Git. I don’t want to loose all the previous revisions of SVG file on Pepper&Carrot too! And what if I do it ; then Inkscape tells me I have to do it again for the future Inkscape 0.93? This type of development decision, relying on ‘userland must fix it themselves’ must stop. I hate when I have to admit that using open-source is actually a production handicap in this type of scenario.

So, first, let accept it: 0.92 is a released version. Not a beta, not an alpha. No. It’s released as a major. stable. version. This version will hit all the GNU/Linux distros, Windows and Mac users will download this new version from the official website and problems with SVG files will hit Pepper&Carrot. Downgrading my local install to 0.91, blacklisting 0.92 SVG files on the renderfarm and advising all 40 translators to not update to 0.92 is a short-term fix and not a pleasant one.

This is really saddening to see.

As David Revoy is a well known artist and promoter of Open Source Applications for Artists.
And has given much time in Tutorials making brushes for Krita and open sources his artworks.

Linux sub-reddit on the issue.



Of course now that I’m full blown on Linux, I’m starting to be comfortable and getting the hang of Inkscape and Krita and letting go of AdObey this happends. Mr Revoy is awesome by the way.:grin:


Yep he motivated me to expand my photography and desire to learn Digital Drawing & Painting.
So got a Huion H610 graphics tablet & Krita and started learning. Just beginning but fun to learn.

Also learning how to use my graphics tablet and Krita with my photographic images.


Yep, awesome work @Orbmiser, I did see your Yahoo Flicker a while back.Yeah I got me a cheap Huion also and I’m starting to learn Krita too but I’m still struggling with the pen/tablet I never used one before. I downloaded Revoy’s brushes so my arm is like a drunken wannabe master/pop-locking/having now clue with a new toy .

Oh can I download that paint brushes pic for my laptop wallpaper? :grinning:


Sure knock yourself out on downing any of my images to use as wallpaper.
Thanks for the kind remarks about my images.

And yep last 6 months been a lazy boy and haven’t touched the tablet or Krita.
Hope to get back into it this year. Part of the reasons is Abysmal graphic tablet support in Linux.
As then have to boot up the Win7 side to use in Krita.


Well we bought it for a reason is now or never. The tablet works but I don’t know if it’s working like it supposed to or not I haven’t seen any differences when I tested on Windows, so I’m guessing it working fine even though mine is the cheapest of the cheapest. Thanks for the Wallpaper @Orbmiser.


Yep couple of issues in Krita when in Linux vs. Windows7

  1. Dual-Displays - 22" displays in Linux maps tablet across both displays so only half of the digitizer is in Krita.
  2. Left-handed - Yep left-handed so no way in Linux to map for left-handed unless you want to do scripts using xsetwacom and startup scripts and such.
  3. Buttons same issue as in 2 above archaic guessing finding detecting and writing script values to get to work.

And still to this day haven’t put in the grunt work to figure out and make scripts and all that in Linux side.
As easier to just boot up to windows side.

Windows side has a utility that does all the above. Mapping digitizer surface,Stylus Pin Buttons assignment,Tablet Buttons assignment,Right or Left handed assignment.

And yep it was cheap picked up on Ebay for $48 shipped. But still going strong. But be careful of usb cable hear people having issues with breakage with too much flexing use. But hey good start and if I get more serious and need more serious tools than will migrate to Wacom tablets when need and monies become available.


Oh what? I bought mine on Ebay too for about the same price but it doesn’t have the buttons on the tablet. Yeah them Wacoms are pricey and why buy an expensive one if I might not even like it or use it. I still have the habit of reaching out to the mouse :yum:

The spring in the pens seems is just going to pop out the dang thing, feels fragile . I noticed that the batteries seems to last for a good long period of time though. I thought I was going to need a battery charger or a box of batteries.


Yep that was my take also on dipping my toes in the waters.
And the way I start those new to photography with entry camera and kit lenses.
Once they master the controls and start to get a sense of Lighting,Composition and controlling their camera.
Then will recommend the more pricier lenses to add to their kit. And next jump up to more capable camera body. If that where their passion is taking them.

Just noticed more tutorials on youtube for Krita so will have to invest some time & discipline
And start taking the Baby Steps! in learning the Art! :art:


Yes sir baby steps.

Everything is a skill huh, I hope I learn photography one day.

If it wasn’t for this post I wouldn’t known about Inkscape and its new features:

New in Inkscape .92:

  • Mesh Gradients are now supported.
  • Many SVG2 and CSS3 properties are now supported (e.g. paint-order, mix-blend-mode). Not all are available from the GUI.
  • The new Object dialog allows to select, label, hide and lock any object in the drawing from a dialog that lists them all.
  • Selection sets make it possible to ‘group’ objects together regardless of document structure.
  • Several new path effects have been added, among them Envelope/Perspective, Lattice Deformation, Mirror and Rotate Copies.
  • There are several new extensions (e.g. a seamless pattern extension) and a new filter (colorblindness simulation) included in the release, many old extensions have been updated or got new features.
  • Spray tool and measure tool received a set of nifty new features.
  • Interactive smoothing for lines created with the Pencil tool.
  • BSplines (and more) are available for the Pen tool.
  • Checkerboard background can be used to more easily see object transparencies.

More important changes like 90dpi to 96dpi to match CSS standards. Read more about it


if a client, a publisher, a contributor or a translator tries to open today one of the 10,804 available source SVG files on Pepper&Carrot with the new Inkscape 0.92, he’ll get rendering issues with text and will blame my competences as a professional for either making bad work or using unreliable tools.

Yep that was David Revoy main complaint as he had 10,000 svg’s which he shared with the public in 90dpi and trying to convert them to 96dpi yielded unsatisfactory results as well as the work required to manually convert all of them. Tho he is talking with dev’s and there may be a fix soon for him.


Yeah, but wow 10 g’s of svgs.:fearful:. Well I open an earlier file in .92, it gives you a pop up warning, but I’m guessing that was after that incident. But I don’t see no glitches or transformations of any kind (nock on wood).


Well it gives you a warning and even a back up option.