New icon theme "Plane" What do you think?





Yep always been a bug-a-boo about proper icon for dolphin. All others seem to lack instant identification.
So found my own and copied into my home folder and edited and updated my menu applications.


I don’t actually mind the cabinet icon. I agree it would be nice if Dolphin was providing its own recognizable icon in general though.

Isn’t that one from the Dolphin mobile web-browser (hence the globe)?

Something similar with a file browser related graphic along side a dolphin would be :cool:!


Yep stole from google search images.


Really good looking icons, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Using now with my Manjaro Gnome installation.


Don’t know how much work this would be. But is it possible to get a cyan colored version?

If not, can anyone recommend a good cyan icon theme that has KDE/Plasma support?


Hi Strit, check color folders ->
too I made a video with the process to change the color -> , here scripts ->



Hi guys, for this days I have been very busy but I will think about dolphin icon, I listen to ideas.
Orbmiser idea is good, thanks


Hi Strit,

I am not sure, but you may check Sardi icon themes, it is available in AUR and usually plays well with KDE/Plasma.
I am not sure about cyan, but it includes quite a lot different colors.
I am almost sure that Vibrancy icons include cyan, but I usually used it with GTK desktop, so dont know how it is supported with KDE


Vibrancy had no Cyan color, and lots of icons are missing in KDE.

Neither did Sardi…