New icon theme "Plane" What do you think?



Thanks, so ok, once I finish a list I have of ugliest Gnome icons start with those of KDE.


Hi cscs, done :slight_smile: ->


Thanks. See some misses in screens below

  • tmp folder
  • Larger Icons missing (folder at alt+tab/taskbar/dropdown and also inox [chromium] is distorted)

Otherwise, great thanks :smiley:


Please give me the real name of chrome gedit /usr/share/applications/chromium.desktop and search:

Exec=chromium %U

tmp icon and dolphin icon I need some days for create appropriate icons :slight_smile:


Sorry, I thought about being more specific… I am using inox and it is probably falling back to some bundled chromium icon. (it is based on chromium … often represented with a grey, rather than blue icon)


Exec=inox %U

I also understand its an uncommon browser :wink: It would be much appreciated though :rose:

Thanks again.


For the moment you can create a symbolic link sudo ln -s /usr/share/icons/plane-dark/apps/scalable/chromium.svg /usr/share/icons/plane-dark/apps/scalable/inox.svg

I will include it in the next version :wink:


It’s only fair to share a nice example of the new icons in KDE (just ignore the corner dolphin)


looks good :slight_smile:


That does look really nice! I’m going to definitely add it! Thanks!


Thanks :wink:


Awesome iconset.


Please come back wth update :pray:


cscs, you saw the last update? I made the Dolphin, Temp folder, inox, gimp and calendar icons. :wink:

check folder colors too:


Hi guys, I’m excited my icon theme is the sixth most downloaded. :smiley:


@wfpaisa do you have plans to make a light theme version?


Yes, once I have ready the dark version continuous with the light version


very exciting, looking forward to using them.


I have to say I’m a bit unsure of the new ‘File Cabinet’ icon for dolphin…
But I may be in the minority.
Otherwise :thumbsup:


I confess you It isn’t the best icon for me too, it’s difficult a concept icon, I thought about folder shape but it would confuse with icon folders, then I thought about dolphin shape, but it wasn’t a bad idea, last I thought about leaving the same line of design with respect to the Nautilus icon. I don’t know, what do you think?


I’m actually rather partial to File Managers having ‘folder’ icons. Seems cleaner to me.
An example was the thunar “Thor Hammer” icon. I once was modding XFCE for a friend who was used to a mac layout. Everything was great - except they couldnt wrap their head around why their files were under a hammer :laughing:. Obviously the cabinet isnt as off-putting.
But my personal taste would definitely lean towards the iconified folder you already made for ‘Downloads’, etc. maybe with a dolphin as the relief image inside :thinking:.