New icon theme "Plane" What do you think?



This is a new icon theme, what do you think? plane-icon-theme :wink:


I like the bright colors and the use of blue. very nice.


I like it a lot.

How did you get your top panel transparent with GNOME?


Dynamic Panel transparency extension.


Ah ok. I thought you had permanent transparency.


Love it!

  1. Non-Flat, which means quick icon identification is facilitated by shadows, highlights and other sort of pseudo-3d features.
  2. Non-Uniform, which means quick icon identification is facilitated by different shapes.
  3. Colourful, which means quick icon identification is facilitated by its colour properties.
  4. Pretty and well drawn to near perfection.

From Wikipedia:
The flat theme model is an archaic conception of desktop area as a plane. Many ancient cultures subscribed to a flat theme cosmography.[…] In the modern era, belief in a flat theme has been expressed by isolated individuals and groups, but is widely considered to be pseudoscience.


did you make this?


Yes, I’m not a designer, I just think that the linux icons are missing “love” :), how do you think?


Thank you :slight_smile:


Did you use the Latte-dock? It is in the repos. I still love the colors.


I use, docky or plank


I like it. you should consider putting it in the aur so it’s easy for users to get new versions


Just installed the icon set on my laptop and it looks nice; well done!


Yes, I’m giving a test drive to this set too, looks really nice. :thumbsup:

Currently running KDE here so I guess there are a few minor issues, DE specific icons, that I can put down to difference in (unsupported) DE(?)


They look really nice. How can I install them from pacman/yaourt ?



Really nice!!!


You know … you could make a Manjaro or “Maia” version with some tweaking to the folder icons. See here for colors. . . just saying. :kissing_closed_eyes:


Eboracus, Thanks for comments. Please do this little survey =


yes, when I have ready the stable version I investigate how to publish in Aur. Thank you for your recommendation :slight_smile:


It wouldn’t let me fill out the form so can I provide the same info here? Or do you want it compiled in database?

What background do you prefer?
Would you like compatibility with KDE?
Please write the name of an application that want a better icon design.
  (Icons for categories within System Settings Panel)

Still enjoying this theme. :sunglasses: