New Gnome theme : from Arc-Maia to Adapta-Breath



Was a surprise to me too.


That’s why Mint got popular, but they called it “Menu” button. The good thing about most panels in Linux is that they can have a separate “Leave” button. But if people choose Gnome DE they don’t want it to be like Windows.


My two cents: Who cares what people using Ubuntu answered in a survey? Clearly the Gnome developers don’t, and look it is having a resurgence. The only use I have for Dash to Dock that I dont already get from the keyboard is purely aesthetic. The additional functionality is actually more of a PITA to use than the keyboard. Also how can’t you find the apps? I mean one of the first things I did with a new DE was drag the mouse over every edge to find popups and panels, and if you do that the Activities Overview is bound to come up, really I have difficulty believing novices have a hard time with Gnome.


I cede you one lol :smile:


Exec=cp /usr/share/themes/Adapta-Eta/gnome-shell/gnome-shell-theme.gresource /usr/share/gnome-shell/

Would something like this work for your .hook? Obviously replace path and depends with your GTK theme path and package name.


Thank you for suggestion … i have worked to do ( i hope ) any possible event … so this are the hook

for install , upgrade and remove … :wink:


Fantastic, this is a learning experience for me with alpm hooks :+1:


@muser , with your permission i have take one of your images for a new project :wink:

Edit : add Image and credits to readme


Sure, I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile: You don’t even have to ask.


You don’t see what windows are open, so every time you change apps you have to pay attention to what’s open and what isn’t. It’s exhausting.

Lets be honest, if more than a half of people hate your product it can’t be by accident. I don’t know of any other desktop environment or operating system that gathers so much disliking.

Looks promising. Do you have some screen-shot? :wink:


Modified the first post : add a video :wink:


Looks great! Made a minimalist wallpaper based on the same color


Adapta is a well maintained theme. I’ve read that the guys from System76 moved away from their theme based on Adapta, because it was causing high memory usage… They moved to Flat-Plat

This version brings a completely re-written codebase centered around the Flat-Plat theme. This new base allows us to reduce the memory usage and exercise much greater control over the theme and it’s technical implementation.

Personaly, I love Adapta. But I’m a bit tired of it. I moved to United, the Arch version. There’s a Manjaro version too. And I use La Capitaine icons. More lively than flat.


How does the File Manager look like?


I’m in order to merge the -dev pkg into regular adapta theme . I want to know your opinion : if i merge it the original dash to dock app launcher change i.e. orginal as dot > new dev pkg have the manjaro logo .

So after update the adapta theme change the dot with manjaro logo . Is ok in your opinion or prefer leave the original look of adapta and provide the manjaro logo via other pkg?

EDIT: do you mean @es20490446e ?

How does the File Manager look like?

The look of file manager is the same of the adapta theme …


For me that it’s preferable than having the logo set and unable to select the Adapta one.

But if it was my design I would simply leave the Adapta dots, since functionality is more important than looks.