New Gnome theme : from Arc-Maia to Adapta-Breath



Hi Community , i have started a little project to build a new complete theme ( shell , gdm and dash-to-dock ) based on Adapta Theme for our Gnome edition… at the moment no preview are avaiable because is in development ( this is only a old draft for gdm screen ) but i need a little help … can someone help me to change this image ?

  • show-apps.svg
  • show-apps-checked.svg
  • show-apps-hover.svg
  • show-apps-panel.svg
  • show-apps-panel-hover.svg


I want change this with our Manjaro official logo :wink:

Thank you in advance for any contributions.

Stefano Capitani

Edit :
Add video to present the actual state


What do you want to change from it, do you have any ideas like keeping the circle and croping the inside with the manjaro logo or something like that, does it have to be colored?.


All is in progress… all can be done :slight_smile: at the moment my idea is change the dot with manjaro logo but not in circle , the real logo i.e. a square… like this

but without border and with the official color…


When I used to install Ubuntu in other people’s computers, I realised something interesting: people won’t recognise how to launch apps because instead of having an app icon there was a distribution logo.


You mean a Start button?


I agree - after years with gnome-shell now I am realy accustomed to that 3x3 dot matrix - i guess I would get thrown off (at least at first) if that was changed.
That said, I swaped the “Activeties” text with a nice manjaro logo in the top bar :slight_smile:


It’s in there in svg and in png with different sizes.


The button in Unity that launched the apps panel has the Ubuntu logo, instead of an apps icon.

People didn’t know that the button was for launching apps, and took them long to figure it out.

That button just duplicates functionality from the dock, which the dock does better.

It was included because GNOME wanted to get rid off the dock, or any other permanent visual way of switching between windows.

The Ubuntu poll on switching to GNOME shows that about 90% of people find the dock method more pleasant than the Activities button.


Good that there is the choice - I started gnome before that extension was there, and I got used to not use it xD


Changing between windows would be the same as in manufacturing changing between stations: doing it easily is the base of quality work-flow.


from unstable works and looks fine. It is a bit darker than Arc.
Manjaro Logo in Dash-Dock is in place.


Breath version ? Gdm theming? Do you think?


I installed the breath version now, but I don’t see much difference. I relogged in. GDM theme is fine, too.
OT: I still prefer EvoPop for gtk.

Edit: I tried all bright and dark variants, all seem to work. What is strange: The shell after login animation has a long delay, I will try to reboot several times to see if it changes.
Edit2: Yes, it takes about 20s for the shell to appear.
Edit3: It takes about the same with all themes including Arc. Also making Dock like a panel without autohide makes no difference. Must be my slow machine and HDD.


On my notebook don’t see more difference , sincerly not checked fine…
I will switch on adapta because seem good maintained : arc theme seem not maintained now … the dev not interact with people …
Adapta is modern and is a material theme… this look like a modern design… plus a gdm theme uniform the look of gnome…

Edit : now i have to do a hook to check if gnome want reinstall his theme :yum:


Could they at least tie their own shoelaces or it also took them long to figure out?

*troll out*


What kind of person do you have in mind?

Neither my mom, my father, my girlfriend, or my aunt didn’t know that the Ubuntu logo was for launching applications.

What’s an average user?


It’s just hard to believe that using a distro icon instead of an apps icon could cause so much of a confusion. Wouldn’t they just be like “hey, what does this button do, click, bingo”.


The procedure was like this: I told them “what would you do to launch an application?” Then they started clicking the wrong icons.

In fact I have just performed the same with Plasma, with my parents, and because the upper left icons is named “start” they thought more than once that it was for launching applications.

And they use computers in their daily lives, my father for work. It’s not like they are completely iliterate.

Rather an advanced user usually don’t know how much they know. That’s why when you design an user interface is always so important to give it to someone not too experienced, and see how they reason.

On GNOME, with the dash always at view, I asked them “launch an application”. Then they went to the grid icon effortlessly. I asked them “why you knew it was that icon?”, and they answered “because it was a grid, which suggested me there I would find many things”.

Science gentlemen, science.


Well “Start” is probably the worst thing ever - I remember it like it just happened when I tried to explain my mother that she has to click the “start” button to than turn off the PC.

That did -not- work, it just did not work. In the end I just made a Link on the desktop that fkn shut down the PC and was called “ENDE” (end) - so she could end her day at the (windows) PC.


Well i agree with @muser,i think it’s hard to believe that people get confused with that :thinking: (the people that installs linux obviously come from windows), and windows uses it’s logo for launching the start button, so why don’t they just realize that it should be like a start button in ubuntu or other distro, and maybe i’m going to test this with some people by myself since my mother and brother didn’t had that problem of knowing what to do. The other solution would be to use symbolic icons like it says in the material design guide(which supposedly fixes those problems of “confusion”).