New Desktop JADE in the works!


That is not done yet and it will be a separate package , at the moment it can work with any desktop environment as a stand alone dashboard, but it should work same way and take all your screen space.

you should have latest version as it builds from git, if you want to double check, open /opt/jade/application-settings.json version should say 0.3.24, was just uploaded yesterday.


did not read your question properly 1 time, it will require you to go a bit bare bones on the command line.

install python 3, python-xdg and Pygobject (pygi) from your distro, packages may have different names

do sudo pip install jade-application-kit or sudo pip3 install jade-application-kit depending on the distro.

more info here, skip usage part.

then do git clone

install paper icon theme and make it default theme

to launch do ./Jadesktop/jade/jade-dashboard

for it to be a complete desktop environment you need to bundle 3rd party applications, window manager, task switching, sound and network applets etc.


Thanks! I’ll try it!


you also need the menus

copy to /etc/xdg/menus/
and desktop directorys go in /usr/share/desktop-directories/

if you just want to see if it works on Other Distros ( it should, but dont take my word ) i will advice using an image with a desktop environment already setup otherwise there will be alot of manual work involved


How you getting along with it?

you said you installed LXQT so i added support for pcmanfm today.

by the way @es20490446e @philm @bogdancovaciu @oberon @fatboy cheers guys.


The integration with XFCE, at least for me, is quite awesome. To have it on one Workspace or all of them is super-duper. It plays quite ok with KDE too.




Tried it on top of gnome and the experience was superb! A slight laggy though, maybe caused by my a bit inadequate machine…

How to modify things in this fine DE?


hi @Shrapnel

Jade eats a bit of ram around 460mb plus maybe 700mb from gnome stack is a bit.

at home i have it running in one of my laptops, that has 2gb ram on top of deepin desktop, it seams to run lag free.
(jade is ugly prototyping code is not optimised in any way yet)

@Shrapnel what is you pc specs?, and what would you like to modify?, at the moment there is no customisation options, I might add some basic stuff in the future, it is meant to be something you run and it works with sane defaults.


There’s this delay whenever i try to switch from tab to tab. But I have 4 GB RAM with AMD A8 and Radeon R5, running on top of wayland. No screen artifact of any kind, fortunately ^^. Haven’t tried to run it on xorg…

What I’d like to tweak are the background of each section, the colors, the font, the shape of the bar, etc


@Shrapnel I will have a look into it, anyways this is good news because last year I try to run it on wayland and it was not usable at all.

changing backgrounds is planned and adding support for themes also.

the position of the vertical bar will change and go horizontal to the top center of the dashboard.

If you change your font in gnome settings or your icon theme, it should change for Jade also but you need to reload it, i try with lxapearance and deepin settings and that is working.

alternatively you can create a file in .config/fontconfig/conf.d/99-jade.conf with your desired font (this wil also change font in your entire system).

99-jade.conf (file contents)

<?xml version="2.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">
    <match target="pattern">
        <test qual="any" name="family">
        <edit name="family" mode="assign" binding="strong">
     <string>desired font goes here</string>
     <string>Noto Sans</string>

    <match target="pattern">
        <test qual="any" name="family">
        <edit name="family" mode="assign" binding="strong">
     <string>desired font goes here</string>
     <string>Noto Sans</string>

    <match target="pattern">
        <test qual="any" name="family">
        <edit name="family" mode="assign" binding="strong">
     <string>Noto Mono</string>
     <string>Noto Mono</string>




I can also make it read a CSS override file from the user folder this will allow you to make theme changes, but
your changes might break on each release since css classes will change.


Thanks! I’ll make sure to report unusual things if i managed to find em. :slight_smile:


5 :star: :+1:


Apparently, the thing about delay is a false report! :sweat_smile: I’m really sorry. Maybe caused by fever back then. Everything’s felt so long and slow that day.

BUT, it’s working (unsurprisingly :sweat_smile:) as intended on Xorg, just like Wayland, no artifact and weird things, yet.


It is always good to know that things work :+1:


@Shrapnel after version 0.3.41 you can now override the themes by creating a file in your user directory.

insert your custom styles and restart.

debugging your theme
open application-settings.json set webkit debug to yes, you can now right click and open the web inspector.

Hope this helps good luck.


New version is out and it is going to leave all heavy WEB users very happy Enjoy.



I created a chat room for Jade.


How would a happy Manjaro i3 user get started with checking out JADE? Sounds super cool making everything present via HTML. Reminds me of 25-odd years ago, when the Next computer used ‘Display PostScript’ for displaying the desktop. A unified language for both desktop and printer.

Anyway, have installed the jade package using pamac-manager, have no idea what to do next. type ‘jade-dashboard’ or ‘jade-dashboard-git’ does nothing.

For example, is JADE something that you would install using the super-flexible Manjaro Architect ISO? Or is it a program you can run under i3 that suddenly becomes a whole desktop manager within an i3 window?..