New Desktop JADE in the works!



I sure do believe this Jade Desktop will be perfect for Netbooks and small form like an Android Smartphone or Tablets!
Manjaro Netbook distro hasn’t been updated in a long time.
So you could possibly do a full ISO image of Manjaro Netbook with Jade Desktop.

Looks perfect for smaller screen devices. Let me know what you think of that idea.

Life is Good on Manjaro!


A ISO to live test / install would be great.


at the moment the interface does not scale all the way down to such small screens, i could add that fairly easy but you would have a bad experience running other linux applications in small screens, unless i try to run ubunto mobile or plasma mobile, applications alongside jade. not shure how is that going to work out and i dont tink manjaro got any of those in the repos. ( this might be a long term option if people show interest in it, for now i just want a good experience in the desktop, and probaly get it to work in a raspbery pi also. )

i never used manjaro netbook but i will have a look into it, i do plan doing a manjaro jade edition with it, at some point but for now it will be a stand alone application that will work with any desktop enviroment.


i plan on doing that in the future.


it is now on github if you want to test it cheers.


it is now on github no PKGBUILD yet sorry i need to read some documentation first.



Just too busy right now with service garage repairs.
I’ll try the Jade-desktop out this weekend using Manjaro Netbook edition and see how it scales.
Will report back.
Life is Good on Manjaro


Just made a quick Showcase video.


Really nice!


Really dig the dashboard idea as a desktop! Any keybindings for app launching?


The dashboard itself no. But I’m working on a manjaro edition and key binding can be set in the window manager config file.


very cool! :thumbsup:


Hi @codesardine !

I would be able to give more meaningful feedback if you could provide a video, even if it’s a simple one.


He already did that …


Looks interesting. I don’t really see any defect in that.


Quite cool!!! Congrats!


@codesardine: looks really nice my friend. It can be installed from our unstable branch with:

sudo pacman -Sy jade-dashboard-git paper-icon-theme-git

It still has a long way to go. I was even able to run it as a xsession. To make it working properly a window manager and some settings like icons need to be loaded to get it working. For now you can launch it from any desktop session you have now. It would be best to change to paper-icons before launching Jade.


It still has a long way to go

that is why i did not try to get it in the Manjaro repos yet, but tanks for including it

I would include a Notification daemon to that list, Jade supports desktop notifications.


Installed (package manjaro unstable branch) and tested jade as application with mal Manjaro LXQT, but how to install it from source (latest git repository, also to test it with other distributions) and start it as primary desktop environment?


but that’s just my guess right now, this thing looks cool.