New Desktop JADE in the works!

If it has most of the Deepin DE it won’t be “light.”



Just to add some humor - you’ll need to also add a black lamb on screen-shot wallpaper to match Penguin logo :grinning:

it wont have any deepin stuff thats only the desktop im using at the moment, but deepin is actualy quite light.

maybe a green one to match manjaro logo.

Light? It is as heavy as–if not more than–GNOME. :v:

Anyway, 250 MB is a nice, low range considering. :smiley:

When you’re done test you should upload it to the Manjaro repo that we can test it :slight_smile:

Hmm, I don’t know that package. Anyway, looks really great so far. From the concept it is good. Depending on the extra packages to make it run a very light desktop can be created. Will be interesting to use it. Since some people use their TVs for multimedia desktops it is really good to so some DE for that purpose, which can be used also as normal desktop environment on smaller screens. There are fanless mini pcs out there like the z83-4. Currently they ship with Windows10. However having a new DE for TVs might create a new market.

Does it play nice with tiling window managers?

Not realy shure how the manjaro process works fot uploading packages, did not get there yet, still in the development process, but i do know that i can upload a package to the aur freely and that for testing purpuses will do. will see how it goes from there.

im parsing to generate the menus, also try with
to be honest i was not happy with any of them and might end up diving in the xml and creating my own.

I did had tv in mind but also desktop someting easy to use that does not require configuration, something that someone not tech orientated could use.

i tested deepin-wm since thats what im using so it should wortk with mutter also, JWM was tested and works, weston was tested and it does not work i get realy bad tearing, im using the gtk toolkit so if gtk based applications work for you this should work also!

Do you have a package or PKGBUILD for it? I’d like to see how it plays with tilers.

is the search bar fixed? It takes too much space.
Is the panel on top fixed? I mean as in Gnome or movable as Mate?

i dont have a PKGBUILD out yet, will make one when i finish first alpha.
i never used a tiled window manager but i tink it might tile the application and if it does it is going to be in a small box, bare in mind this was made to take advantage of screen space.

If it tiles it, that can be worked around. But if your application gives emwh hint that it draws the desktop, at least bspwm and other emwh compatible window managers should know what to do with it. It is the desktop, right?

it is all fixed and and its meant to be used with some sort of window switcher.

my application reads configuration from a file were you can specify what kind of window it is no coding needed.

you can read how configuration works here.

looks nice. is it gtk exclusive?

jade is build using PyGObject module so it is dependdent on the GTK toolkit, but you can run applications from any toolkit alongside.

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