New Desktop JADE in the works!

Update, new thread for Community Edition:

hi everyone, i im working on a new webkit based desktop for a while, not shure when it will be ready, is just a prototype and needs polishing.

Alpha 13 should now be stable for daily use, PKGBUILD,s avaliable.

Thanks everyone for the support.

Below with deepin dock!

tanks to @c00ter and @ButterflyMelissa input i decided to add a convenient way to access your most used files without opening the file manager.
clicking on the menus or you can use the keyboard for navigation!

hovering on applications provides a description, you can also launch an application by clicking!

search view matches application names or application description!

you can launch applications by pressing enter using the application name or if a single match is found, for example vector keyword.

If anyone will like to give me some feedback on the user interface that will be great tanks in advance.


Wow, unusual looking DE, I see! Great work :smiley:

Btw, by the looks of it, are you going to make it more touchscreen oriented?

Exciting! How can we test this?

OS/2 introduced the concept of data-as-king, and I still click on a file to load the application, rather than open an application then search for the file to open and run.

I may be very old-school about that, I dunno. A file manager is still more important to me as an applications launcher than an applications launcher itself is.

I’m old-school: whadda I know



Hey @codesardine. This looks clean and elegant. Can you maybe share a video of how you use this desktop? Does one start by searching for applications? (“dvd” in your case?)
I also see app categories at the top? Does the panel hide itself?

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I read somewhere that webkit is insecure. What is your thoughts on that?

It was not made for touch screen specifically, when I start building it it was made for the living room and then adapted for desktop use, choosing reading over icon memorizing, all it takes on most desktops is to chose a different icon theme and i get lost finding the icon that launches the application I want, I could just load a bunch of icons on the screen, and I did try that but all that space improves readability and helps me get to the application I want faster.


When I get an alpha ready I will put the code down on github and do an Aur package.

That is dependent on which mimetype an application opens if I’m not mistaken and not the desktop itself.

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The panel does not hide, you can reach applications by clicking in the top menu, or using the search and pressing enter to launch your app, will do a video when the first alpha is ready.


Awesome. Sounds good! Keep us updated

I probably seen the same article you did, browsers were not made to build desktop apps, having said that maybe your favorit app his build like that, for example atom editor.

Security come down to Linux distros and/or webkit ports that don’t pull down security patches from upstream as frequently as they should. I’m using gtk port that is usaly good at applying patches, so it should be as secure as running a lightdm WebKit greeter.

As long as I only load local resources it should be OK.


Looks really nice! Will give it a try for sure!

Bravo! Keep going.
I’m waiting for better improvements.

so do I…I dont know of a more efficient way to do it…honestly.
@codesardine - looks nice. It all depends on the goal. Device? PC? Audience. The latter - when studdied well - could have a great acceptance rate. So, “know thy audience”… :smile_cat:

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@codesardine - looks nice. It all depends on the goal. Device? PC? Audience.

I would also add “Based On” Arch, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo etc. Cross-platform is best if it can be implemented.
I really like the concept. Provides a more modern productive workflow in my opinion.

i does not replace your file manager, you can click files to open applications, it does replace your background wallpaper were your icons live for something more pleasant!.

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At the moment it only works on manjaro since that is what i use in all my machines and it is depend on manjaro-menus, but has said before is only a concept.

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How lightweight is this desktop? This could be perfect for notebook etc

i did not realy test memory usage deeply as i did not get there yet but is around 250mb, only the application, meaning if you add to that a window manager, network manager, and few more 3rd party applications that need to run in the background to complement it wont be very lightwight, but that is something i need to work on, when i first build it was only 10mb but the bigger he gets more food he wants.

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