New Cinnamon Community Edition

There are a fair number of questions about community editions, so I guess this should fit here. The Cinnamon edition needs updating, especially a more recent kernel. I realize this is a community effort, but is there an idea of when a new edition will appear for download?

Given that the three official ISOs for the upcoming Manjaro 24.0.0 release are currently undergoing testing — as you can read here — I wager that the Cinnamon ISO will follow shortly after the three official ISOs are considered production-ready. :man_shrugging:

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Did something happen to Manjaro Cinnamon?

No, there just hasn’t been any community ISOs built since December.




I built and tested this image locally.
I dont use Cinnamon, and didnt thoroughly test it, but it boots and ‘works’.

Nothing fancy - its just the regular minimal manjaro cinnamon profile as exists upstream.
Built today 02-05-2024 for Stable Branch and using the 6.6 LTS kernel.

<file gone>

EDIT: Latest build can be found at the thread: Manjaro Cinnamon ISO - temporary volunteer release


(I think this source will stay up for 90 days. But I dont think it will be needed for that long.)

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:ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Thanks to all who replied.

Thank you!
I tried it (live startup)
Good!! :slight_smile:

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