New bspwm edition release, ideas/wishes?


Seeing that bspwm edition has been taken down from the main website, I’m planning to release a new iso.

Some ideas:

  • make sure that git is installed to increase the longevity of the iso
  • include zfs kernel modules to facilitate zfs installations
  • fix the font icon issues in the main menu
  • develop the full version towards being a more complete and beginner friendly desktop
  • improve documentation

Do you have any ideas or wishes for the bspwm edition?


Very good idea, bspwm rocks!! I’ll be available for testing when needed. I could also help you with documentation, maybe. Just ask… :slightly_smiling_face:


Help with documentation is welcome. There is the keybinding listing shortcut and the bspwm beginners guide. Both are a bit out of date and not ideally formatted. Also, the full version and minimal have diverged quite a bit. And sterminal, micro st and the rofi menus could use some documentation


I did some initial assessment the release.

  • need to add a new icon font
  • bspwm configuration items to rofimenu
  • need to figure out how to make mate-notification-daemon take precedence over dunst. Or use dunst.
  • switch to dark breath gtk-theme


I’m thinking of adding printer support and Libre office suite to the full version. Not to the iso, to keep the iso size down (besides, who needs those on a live iso?), only the installed version. My aim is to make the full version a complete desktop environment and more suitable for general user base, similar to the i3 edition.

Is there some other software that would fit this goal? Towards this end, in the last release I added polkit agent and gnome keyring.

Any ideas are welcome.


I think it’s a good idea.

  1. Time sync already working on the system with ntp service?
  2. A graphical dedicated tool for searching files, like catfish? Or fsearch?
  3. gparted?
  4. A gui bulk-rename tool. The thunar-bulk-rename tool is super, but it requires thunar. I’m still looking for something similar…

Just some ideas on the fly.


I’ll look into it

Might be a good, the rofi search us limited

Gnome-disks is included, no gtk2

I love this tool. I’ll look into maybe using thunar instead of pcmanfm.


Now that I have finished with the first draft, I’ve started to update the beginners guide.
What do you think if we attach sterminal, micro st and rofi menus chapters inside the beg. guide?
I also should like to convert the guide into a pdf file, for better readability.


I like these ideas. Especially sterminal could use some documentation


Maybe some pdf viewer can be included? zathura fits minimalistic style.


I have also installed in my system epdfview, that is light and fast, but is gtk2…
I’m afraid the only possibility is evince or atril.

@ Chrysostomus
Did you find my pm? Concerning the revision of


I did, unfortunately I haven’t had chance to properly review it yet. I did notice some keybindings that had not been added yet. If we update keybindings, we need to also update manjaro-bspwm, because the default sxhkdrc is provided by it.


Okay, tested thunar. I would really like to make the switch because of thunar bulk rename… But it pulls gtk2. Even thunar-gtk3. Then again, If I’m trying to move to a more user friedly direction, maybe it is not such a big deal. I’ll consider it. Next testing the pdf readers.


I tried some pdf readers. Evince has a nice ui and clien side decorations, but it pulls the freaking gnome-desktop with it. I would have to maintain a version without that dependency, so a hard pass. Atril on the other hand pulls 80Mb worth stuff with it, even more than evince.

On the minimal side, I find zathura even too minimal for the full edition. However, xreader seems promising. It is pretty much the same as atril, but with 75Mb less dependencies.


I had fun learning and setting up manjaro bspwm, would def like to see this


Two more things I consider adding: libinput-gestures and kdeconnect-indicator. Apparently it is possible to get kdeconnect working outside gnome and KDE too, but I’ll need to to do some research on the matter.


It’s not necessary of course, these are just my personal key bindings. Easy to delete them.

To share the draft file with you, what do you prefer? Here in this thread, a pm or other way?


Either is fine =)

Btw, do you think there should be a music player besides moc included?


I use moc the most of the time and mpv. I didn’t install nothing else on my systems. Maybe other users should appreciate more graphical tools.
There are many possibilities at this point.


Does moc have a desktop file so that you can open files with it from a file manager? If not, I think I should add that. With that feature, moc should suffice