New behaviour, session lost on resume from suspend

I usually always put my pc to sleep and upon resume everything is restored, until a couple of days ago.

Now when I resume from suspend after an an overnight I get the login page like I’ve logged out and back in again, and start a new session.

When I put the pc to sleep, then resume after a very short time, the session is restored as before without logging back in, this my expected behaviour. If I leave it for longer, but not sure how long, it requires me to login and starts a new session.

All that has changed, I think, is going from Nvidia 455 driver to 390 under the new legacy support, though I’m not sure it that, so posted here as I also have a laptop with the same Nvdia driver, kernel, testing branch etc and sleep/resume still works as it should.

Having tried to find the solution myself I see that sleep is actually a kind of hybrid sleep, and after sometime sleeping the state is changed and written to swap from RAM, so wondering if my swap file is working, I made changes to that recently too.

Is there a a way I can check if hybrid sleep is the issue and maybe a swap problem? What commands can I run to check?

I’m using the testing branch XFCE and file system is btrfs, if that matters. What extra info can I give to assist?

Thank you for any help.

As often happens I found the solution shortly after posting.

The GFX card in this desktop pc is a GTX660Ti, I had the nvidia 390xx driver installed, when I uninstalled this the resume from sleep went back to expected behaviour.

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