New behaviour in pamac?

not a big deal,
but now when i open Pamac i get nothing on the Browse list,and on the bottom i have “cancel” or “apply”; if i press apply then the list populates.
is it a new feature i didn’t notice before?

I’m curious about ‘not a big deal’ meaning?

When launching pamac (add/remove programs) you should see 'Browse Installed Updates in the titlebar, followed by filters(browse by, ViewandSort by`)

After that some apps listed.
At the bottom 'cancel` and ‘apply’.

Try launching ‘pamac-manager’ in terminal and paste what you get.

it’s not a big deal since i can just click apply and get the list to populate.(or click on "installed or “update” and go back to “browse” and get the list)
i used to get the same as you until a few days ago and wasn’t sure if it was a bug or a new behavior.
the only thing i did in the past days is install virt-manager.

pamac-manager in terminal output:

(process:5632): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: 12:45:28.985: /etc/xdg/kde-mimeapps.list contains a [Added Associations] group, but it is not permitted here.  Only the non-desktop-specific mimeapps.list file may add or remove associations.

(pamac-manager:5632): Gtk-WARNING **: 12:45:28.995: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:73:46: The style property GtkScrolledWindow:scrollbars-within-bevel is deprecated and shouldn't be used anymore. It will be removed in a future version
** Message: 12:45:29.314: flatpak_plugin.vala:337: refreshing flathub appstream data

there are a few warnings as you can see but i don’t understand their meaning,
but found a few pamac related threads with similar warnings…

opening pamac through the terminal brings back the old/normal behavior.

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Interesting - I get the same terminal output so I wouldn’t worry about that.
I’m not sure what to do next though.

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