New Asus AMD Vivobook install question

New Asus Ryzen 5 Vivobook install. Brought the machine home, nuked the HD and installed Manajaro Stable 6.1.23 with Plasma 5.27. Has the AMD Renoir graphics. Downloaded the latest Plasma version from, made a bootable CD, installed.

In process of my mucking about on post install stuff I wanted to attempt to make the fingerprint reader work. Read various threads here then tried downloading fingerprint-gui from Arch to take a shot at this. Problem is nothing will build, I get cmake, glib-2.0 and pkg-conf errors. Is there a development set of packages I need install? Glib-2.0 shows installed. pkg-congfig only shows pkg-config.git. When I try to install that I get pkgbuild line 23 patch command not found. So far doesnt seem like I can build anything on this machine. Any suggestions much appreciated. thanks & regards.

…Do you mean the AUR?

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Yes I did sorry AUR not Arch

Did you follow the link and the advice there?

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I read what was on the Arch page. I never got that far, I could not get the package to build for the reasons I outlined in my first post. That is the reason I posted.

check if you have enabled aur support in pamac gui, and install also base-devel and try again

Already enabled Aur support but thanks for this reminder. Moreover I had not installed base-dev. I installed that and the packages built without problems, that was what I was missing. Thanks for particularlly the second suggestion. I can now work on configuring the sensor. Tomorrow.

Kindest regards

Its on the first page …

Using GUI Pamac

Open Pamac - the name in menu is Add/Remove Software and navigate to the Preferences page. You will be required to enter your password to access it.At Preferences page → select the Third Party tab → and move the slider to enable AUR support. Be sure you have the necessary files for building applications from source

user $ pamac install base-devel git

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Thanks for this. Didnt have the necessary package was one of my errors from working when tired.

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