New applet for translation!

Hello! I made a new Plasma applet!

Translator - translation widget for KDE Plasma

Translator is a graphical interface for the translation functions available in the translate-shell utility:

You can install the widget through Discover or the Plasma widget download dialog. To work correctly, the translate-shell package is required; listening to the result will require mplayer, mpv, mpg123 or eSpeak.

Feedback is welcome :slight_smile: and don't forget rate widget (if is possible).


Few days ago i was looking at

and i was thinking to myself that i would prefer a widget/applet ... so, here you are with another awesome idea. Great job!!!

I just see an issue..
with espeak.. it seems it does not take care of the language set.. it always pronounce it in english..
or maybe it's a limitation?

and maybe if we could resize it in settings or an other way.. and if we could "keep it open" like as calandar widget.

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