Neverending November (2018) Screenshots



In this format? 4674x2629


Done :blush:


Yep. I never looked for diffrent wallpaper


Thank You :wink:


Working on a new full glass theme for kvantum

(I think I overdid the transparency a bit…)

Overall, the text should be visible no matter the background color.


nice, austin powers would love it.



More intimidating on my laptop. That muzzle’s a lot closer! :fearful:


Please, share it!!!


I’m not a fan of plasma but this looks really nice and polished :smiley:


I’ll publish on kde store when it’s finished :slight_smile:


Wow! That looks awesome! On the screens, transparency looks good and text is readable but probably system-wide transparency will be better slightly toned down. Or maybe do various versions - the crazy, strong transparent one and the more practical one? ;D. Or basically use the same level of transparency as in KvGlass themes - they have a perfect balance. Effect is both striking and visually attractive but it’s not taking away functionality.

Also, I love to have both a light and dark version.

How did you do the lack of titlebar and does it work practically?

I use currently KvGalssWhite and it’s great but has few minor glitches here and there (in dolphin, octopi and sysguard). I can help you test your theme.

Will the context menu also be semi-transparent like with KvGalss themes?

My current setup:


When I see things like that I feel regret having chosen Cinnamon which is unable to do transparency. I so love transparency.

But, I also don’t wat to start over again with all the tweaking of another DE. Maybe next year, or maybe Cinnamon will also implement transparency some day.

That said, your theme is amazing. Sexy transparant but all the content is still very easy to see and read. You did not overdo the transparency on my end.


Couldnt stand it myself, but I can see folks looking at it with ‘wow’.
Also, thats the beauty. we can all have what we want if we like.


Nice and Easy.

Breeze theme with midnight blue colors and Antu icons.


Thanks!! Yeah, I toned down a bit in order for the text be readable at #fff, but basically eveything still very transparent, and now that kvantum suports the “contrast effect”, colors become much more vivid.
I think I’ll stick just with the crazy transparent one xD. Like you said, there’s alredy kvglass and it is very similar to this one. Meanwhile, I’m finishing another transparent theme (there will be a light version too!), and it looks much more modern. You can see it here.

About the titlebars, there is a option in breeze decoration (window specific overrides) to hide it, but it’s not much pratical. Mostly I disable them to undistract me when I’m tweaking a theme, or in very specific apps that don’t need much moving arround like konsole or a image viwer.


lookin good


Thanks for making new Kvantum themes, especially with some kind of transparency. For a long time there was no new kvantum theme and existing ones are a bit too crazy and ugly, so only few of them is usable. With your new themes, we will have bigger choice of those useful themes. Plus, they may work better, because as I already said, the old ones sometimes have issues in various places that probably happened because they are old and not updated since a very long time. Additionally, aside KvGlass themes, there was no real choice for general transparency themes so I’m happy you are filling that gap, especially now when we have that awesome blur and many transparency effects in Plasma so we can cook something really awesome with that.

And thank for the explanation about the titlebars. I thought there is some functional option. It looks cool on screenshots but if it’s hard to control windows, it’s not worth it for general usage.


:blush: u said… gnome :laughing:


how do i get some of that pretty transparency, pm me pls